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Take elective units from another faculty

Non-Arts electives

Most single degrees allow you to complete a specified number of credit points from another faculty. These are your elective units.

The number of elective units differs between courses. For example, in the Bachelor of Arts you have 48 points of elective units whereas in the Bachelor of Arts (Languages) there is a maximum of 24 points of elective units.

Your course description and course map will include information on any elective units in your degree. Make sure you check these before enrolling in units offered by another faculty.

Remember it is not possible to take electives from another faculty in a double degree.

Psychology and Visual Culture

These areas of study are taught by other faculties but count as Arts units.

This means you can major in either Psychology* or Visual Culture and it will count towards the Arts component of your degree.

Psychology: This is managed by Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Visual culture: This is managed by Art and Design

*You cannot study psychology in the Bachelor of Letters

Where to find unit information

Further information is also available in the University Handbook section for each faculty. The following faculties allow Arts students to take units:

Faculty of Art and Design

Faculty of Business and Economics

Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Science

Before you enrol in a unit offered by another faculty check that you meet any pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements listed in the University Handbook entry for the unit.

In the university handbook you must also read the section: Units available to arts students from other faculties as non-arts units