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The Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre

About the BCSC

Supported by The Australian Commonwealth Government Stronger Regions Programme

Exploring the human-technology interface


In December 2002, The School of Humanities, Communications, and Social Sciences at Monash University's Gippsland campus obtained $360,000 from the Commonwealth Government to establish the Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre and to introduce the Bachelor of Cognitive Science.


The purpose of the Centre is to apply knowledge in the areas of sensory, perceptual and cognitive processes, computing, engineering, and philosophy, to the solution of problems which include how to:

Current projects

A major project is concerned with adding tactile cues to the kinesthetic information currently available in haptic virtual environments. This would represent a major step towards fully immersive virtual reality.

Related projects include:

Research Centre Staff


Dr Mark Symmons, Acting Director.


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