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Ben Wellings

Three in one: Monash Arts capitalises on value of interdisciplinary study

In 2020, Monash Arts strengthens its commitment to interdisciplinary learning by launching its Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Developed by the faculty’s world-renowned academics, this innovative program is designed for deep thinkers who want to have a real impact.

Faculty 12 June 2019

Music students learn Indigenous songs for Reconciliation Week

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In 2019, the Year of Indigenous Languages, the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music dedicated one of their leading ensembles, the Gospel Choir, to the task of learning and performing songs written in four different Australian Aboriginal languages.

Faculty 31 May 2019

Dr Jennifer Anderson wins the 2018 Faculty of Arts Prize for best thesis

‘I started conceiving of my PhD thesis in 2002,’ says Dr Jennifer Anderson, recent PhD graduate in Literary and Cultural Studies. ‘It insisted on me. I had to do it.’

Faculty 24 May 2019

Women’s safety to the fore as Dr Andrea Baker leads conversation for change

When it comes to the issue of women’s safety in artistic and urban areas, Dr Andrea Baker, Monash Arts’ Senior Lecturer in Journalism, pulls no punches. ‘I want to speak honestly about the barriers, and to tear them down,’ she says. ‘It’s really that simple.’

Faculty 21 May 2019
Jakob Hohwy 550x350

Interdisciplinary study reveals mechanisms of the conscious mind

Brain research is entering a thrilling new stage, and Monash University is at the fore.

By combining the high-end interdisciplinary approaches from philosophy and neuroscience, Monash’s Dr Noam Gordon and Professor Jakob Hohwy (pictured) from Philosophy, together with Associate Professor Nao Tsuchiya and Dr Roger Koenig-Robert from Psychology, have produced research published in a leading biology journal showing that perception relies on integrating both new and old information.

Faculty 8 May 2019
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