About the Centre

The Monash Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre aims to be a dynamic and contemporary platform for Monash researchers engaging with Indonesia.

The Centre builds on our strong engagement with Indonesia and the legacy of the Centre of Southeast Asian Studies. It will also continue our proud connection to Herb Feith, a Monash scholar and engaged activist. An academic at Monash from 1962 till 1990, Herb Feith led international research on Indonesian politics for several decades. His legacy of positive collaboration and outreach with Indonesia and the Global South more broadly via Monash University lives on - providing a constructive platform for our continued engagement in the country.

Professor Ariel Heryanto, Director of the Monash Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre

The Centre is an opportunity to continue Herb Feith’s legacy with a renewed focus on the themes of critical and non-violent approaches to conflict resolution and human rights. Centre Director, The Herb Feith Professor, Ariel Heryanto, will host a series of public lectures and new engagement.

The Monash Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre provides an opportunity to showcase Monash capability from across the university bringing together our diverse expertise and experience in working with Indonesia. The Centre allows us to expand and deepen our relationships with university, government, non-government organisations, cultural and media networks, industry and alumni partners.

The Centre acts as a hub for engaging Indonesia, providing a platform for media outreach from Monash to media outlets and Indonesian partners though research briefs, commentary on public issues, short videos, podcasts and social media posts.

Most importantly, the Centre provides a platform for developing strong relationships and collaborations for mutual benefit. The Centre supports and promotes exchange between academic researchers, cultural and art workers, and government, industry and alumni leaders. We bring together emerging scholars and thought leaders from across Monash faculties and disciplines to work with Indonesian industry and government partners to promote cultural understanding and solve pressing social and practical problems.

The Management Committee of the The Monash Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre comprises: Cecilia Hewlett (Chair), Jo Lindsay, Roshana Nanayakkara, Ariel Heryanto, Yacinta Kurniasih.