Corporate Social Responsibility Internships at Officeworks

Corporate Social Responsibility Internships at Officeworks

Eligible students: MA Environmental Management and Sustainability and MA Environment and Sustainability
Intake: Semester 1 (commencing March – finishing May)
Duration: 144 hours
Places available: 3
Location: East Bentleigh, VIC

As part of Wesfarmers, Officeworks is a leading retailer of office supplies, technology products and office furniture, with 165 stores across Australia and an establish online business. The Officeworks’ Positive Difference Plan 2020 launched in 2015 with the goal to make a positive difference to the communities we operate in under the three pillars of the environment, responsible sourcing and people.

Role 1: Improving Supply Chain Transparency: Beyond Tier 1 Suppliers

Officeworks are committed to sourcing product in a responsible manner while working with suppliers to improve their social and environmental practices.

To do this, Officeworks has an ethical sourcing program that all tier 1 suppliers are required to go through. The program is looking to expand it’s scope to tier 2 suppliers and the intern role would function as the lead on this project by:

  • Researching best practices in this area
  • Liaising with major suppliers to understand their tier 2 suppliers
  • Mapping tier 2 suppliers for private label goods
  • Identifying ethical compliance of the tier 2 suppliers against the Officeworks Ethical Sourcing Policies
  • Developing a framework approach to integrate tier 2 suppliers into the ethical sourcing risk framework

Role 2: Sustainable Forestry & Palm Oil

Officeworks is Australia’s leading retailer and supplier of office products and solutions with more than 15,000 SKUs that contains wood or paper. In line with Officeworks’ Sustainable Wood Fibre Product Sourcing Policy, all paper and/or wood products sold, should be responsibly sourced or contain 100% post-consumer recycled material. Officeworks prohibits paper and/or wood from high risk or illegal sources and all relevant suppliers are required to complete the forestry questionnaire and provide relevant evidence to support their sourcing claims

This project will look at keeping Officeworks Sustainable Forestry Program to the highest level.

  • Review the Sustainable Forestry Program, Sustainable Palm Oil policy, FSC standards and Forestry industry information to understand the Australian context
  • Work with key supplier to review relevant Forestry and Palm oil data
  • Develop a report framework for Sustainable Palm Oil
  • Review sustainable credentials for relevant SKUs
  • Develop an action plan to achieve 100% Recycle or FSC by 2020
  • Present the findings and strategy to the Officeworks team.

Role 3: Sustainable Packaging

Officeworks is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO), and as part of that has a commitment to reduce the environmental impacts through the packaging that is used throughout the supply chain – both primary and tertiary. In addition, Officeworks in partnerships with Planet Ark, lead the way in developing and implementing an Australian first consumer packaging recycling label which is now included on over 3,000 products. This project will look at taking the Officeworks Sustainable Packaging Strategy to the next level.

  • Review the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, Officeworks Packaging Policy, and APCO industry information to understand the Australian context
  • Update relevant packaging data for key SKUs
  • Develop an action plan based on priorities, which includes supplier targets, to address the issues.
  • Develop a framework to monitor packaging improvements and compliance ongoing
  • Present the findings and strategy to the Officeworks team.

Please apply for APG5044 Professional Internship.

If you are a Master of Environment and Sustainability student please follow the step-by-step application and approval process for ENS5930 Science Internship.

For more information please contact the WIL team.