Global engagement

Monash University’s international capacity has created significant alliances worldwide. Our partnerships with 100 universities across 30 countries allow Monash Arts to engage with diverse cultural environments and communities. These extensive connections enable us to bring together international thought leaders to head our research programs and continually evolve our courses to the needs of Monash Arts students whose career paths will be forged in a globalised economy.

Our experts are recognised internationally for their cutting edge research helping to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues you make your own impact on the world.

Seminar Series, Prato

Every year Monash Arts brings together leaders in the fields of humanities and social science to examine a variety of themes through the a series of conferences, symposiums and research seminars.





21-23 June

Recognition, Resistance & Reconciliation

3-4 July

Transforming Women’s Cinema in the Digital Era

3-4 July

Transcollaborate: Collaborative Translation – a model for social inclusion (in conjunction with Warwick University)

4-7 July

ACIS Cassamarca Conference

7-8 September

Child Health Advocacy: Emerging findings

12-13 September

Gender and Comparative Foreign Policy

19-20 September

Intimate Partner Violence

21-22 September

Border Observatory

25-27 September

Border Observatory

13-15 December

Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Conference

Monash Asia Institute

MAI is a multi-disciplinary research centre representing the Asian research expertise in all ten faculties on all Monash campuses located in Australia and abroad.

Located in the Arts Faculty, MAI facilitates innovative research on Asian regions and promotes cross-disciplinary and trans-Asian intellectual dialogue within and outside Monash.

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International visitors

Monash Arts regularly hosts visiting scholars and researchers from leading institutes around the world. Internationally renowned experts in their respective fields, these scholars bring global perspectives and valuable insights to our teaching, curriculum and research.

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations Chair (ICCR) of Indian Studies is a visiting professor program through the Monash Asia Institute enabling the development of stronger ties between Australia and India.

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