Interview participants needed for PhD study about Jews from the former Soviet Union in Melbourne!

Emmanuel Gruzman, born to Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union, is completing his PhD study about the settlement experiences and adaptation of Jews from the former Soviet Union living in Melbourne.

Emmanuel wants to locate participants for his study who migrated from the former Soviet Union. The research includes a voluntary short questionnaire of 15 questions for general background information about yourself.

This will follow with an interview of approximately 1.5 hours at a time to be arranged that is convenient for you. The interview can be conducted in English, Russian, Yiddish or Hebrew. For this research you will have the opportunity to explain how Jews from the former Soviet Union self-identify and how they define their community. In addition, this research provides an opportunity for you to discuss your settlement experiences in Australia and your socioeconomic and cultural adaptation to Australian society and Jewish communities in Melbourne.

With your permission, Emmanuel may send you a draft with findings based on your interview for your review and feedback that can be included in the final version.

To be eligible for the research, you need to be 18 years or over, identify as a Jew or have a Jewish background, have been born in the former Soviet Union and live in Melbourne.

If you wish to participate in the research or for more information, please contact Emmanuel by email:; by phone: 0403 802 105 or via his Facebook Messenger.