Katherine Clark, student at Monash and past intern at CNLG

Katherine Clark, student at Monash and past intern at CNLG

Internship at the National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG) – Rwanda

By Katherine Clark, student at Monash and past intern at CNLG

My internship at CNLG marked an experience that I will remember always, and from which I gained invaluable skills under the mentorship of Director, Dr Jean-Damascene Gasanabo. My primary role at CNLG was as a researcher, but in my time at this institution, I was given the opportunity to assist Jean-Damascene in other areas, such as attending the Sixth Summer School congress, critiquing films on the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, speech writing, and assisting in writing an application to host the IAGS conference.

As a researcher, I investigated and wrote about topics such as the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Rwandans today, the Gacaca trials, and survivors of rape during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. As well as the experience I gained writing academic journal articles for CNLG, the value of knowledge and the access to materials was beyond illuminating.

My work for the Sixth Summer School congress involved preparing the presentations for CNLG, speech writing, and tweeting. What I learned about the preparing for such a prestigious conference can only be challenged by what I gained from other presentations by the congress.

The experiences, knowledge, and skills I gained from CNLG and Rwanda were vital in shaping my goals for the future. It touched on what is academically intangible, and granted me the opportunity to work under an organisation that gave me insight into what I wish to do in the future.

This year I will continue in my pursuit in the field of Human Rights, with a wealth of knowledge from my experiences in Rwanda, and immense appreciation for receiving the Humanities Global Grant.