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The ACJC is an interdicisplinary centre housed in the School of Historical, Philosophical and International Studies (SOPHIS) Faculty of Arts.

Students can choose to study a single unit or undertake a minor in Jewish Studies or Holocaust & Genocide Studies in combination with other degrees. Jewish studies subjects are accredited to a wide array of majors and disciplines.

Undergraduate units cover the following lines of interest, drawing on the diversity of its faculty across the university:

  • Bible and Classical Jewish Texts
  • Jewish Literatures and Cultures
  • Judaism and Jewish Philosophy
  • Jewish History (Ancient, Medieval, Contemporary)
  • Israel and Middle East
  • Holocaust and Genocide
  • Interreligious Relations
  • Yiddish Language and Culture
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution


Undergraduate studies

Explore ideas, cultures and places with a wide range of Arts undergraduate subject and course choices.

Bachelor of Arts / Master’s double degree

You can get a Bachelor of Arts and Master's degree in just four years.