The formation and transfer of border protection policies in the Global North: A case study of Operation Sovereign Borders

In the wake of MV Tampa in 2001, various policy approaches have been utilised by the Australian Government to prevent the arrival of asylum seekers via sea routes. In the face of increased arrivals between 2012 and 2013, the newly elected Coalition government implemented the policy of Operation Sovereign Borders. This militaristic approach to border protection is portrayed as a ‘solution’ to the rising rates of unauthorised arrivals globally, and is increasingly being presented to nations within the Global North as a strategy for border protection as well as to manage and control border-crossings.

This research will examine the factors that contributed to the introduction of Operation Sovereign Borders in Australia and further consider whether, and in what ways, Australian border protection policies are influencing developments in the Global North.

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Meg Randolph:

Leanne Weber:

Marie Segrave:

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