Dr Jan Randa Aftermath Public Lecture and Q&A with Professors Sheila Fitzpatrick and Mark Edele

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Date: 15 Oct 2018 – 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Venue: Caulfield Campus, H116, Monash University


Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation

Public Lectures

Dr Jan Randa Aftermath Public Lecture and Q&A with Professors Sheila Fitzpatrick and Mark Edele

Moderator: Dr Daniella Doron

“Saved by Stalin? Polish Jews in the Soviet Second World War”

About 1.5 million East European Jews – mostly from Poland, the Ukraine, and Russia – survived the Second World War behind the lines in the unoccupied parts of the Soviet Union. Some of these survivors, following the German invasion of the USSR in 1941, were evacuated as part of an organized effort by the Soviet state, while others became refugees who organized their own escape from the Germans, only to be deported to Siberia and other remote regions under Stalin’s regime. With Shelter from the Holocaust: Rethinking Jewish Survival in the Soviet Union, editors Mark Edele, Sheila Fitzpatrick, and Atina Grossmann have compiled essays that are at the forefront of developing this entirely new field of transnational study, which seeks to integrate scholarship from the areas of the history of the Second World War and the Holocaust, the history of Poland and the Soviet Union, and the study of refugees and displaced persons.




Sheila Fitzpatrick is Honorary Professor of History at the University of Sydney and Professor Emerita of the University of Chicago. She is currently working on Russian and Jewish migration to Australia from China after the Second World War.

Mark Edele is a historian of the Soviet Union and its successor states, in particular Russia. He is the inaugural Hansen Chair in History at The University of Melbourne as well as an Australian Research Council Future Fellow.

Daniella Doron is a senior lecturer in Jewish History at the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation at Monash University. Her teaching and research interests lie at the intersection between Jewish history, modern European history, and the history of childhood, gender and the family.




Monday 15 Oct


07:30PM – 09:00PM


Monash University
Building H
Caulfield Campus

For further information, please contact Amy Benjamin on amy.benjamin@monash.edu


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