Eisenstein for the Twenty First Century

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Date: 21 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018 – 12:00 am
Venue: Monash University Prato Centre


School of Media, Film and Journalism 


Eisenstein for the Twenty First Century

Marking the 120th anniversary of Sergei Eisenstein’s birth, this international symposium will examine the legacy of the revolutionary Russian director and film theorist and his continuing relevance to contemporary screen studies. Over the last two decades, our understanding of Eisenstein’s oeuvre and aims has been reshaped by publications and translations of his previously unpublished major theoretical writings (Metod, Musei Kino, 2002; Notes for a General History of Cinema, Amsterdam University Press, 2016; The Primal Phenomenon: Art, Potemkin Press, 2017), while critical engagement with his creative work has been expanded through exhibitions of his drawings and unfinished film projects. New archival research has demonstrated the extent of Eisenstein’s interdisciplinary work and his informal networks of collaborations with artists and scholars from around the world.


Ian Christie is Anniversary Professor of Film and Media History, Birkbeck College, University of London, and Fellow of the British Academy. Co-curator of the GRAD exhibition Unexpected Eisenstein, he also co-curated Eisenstein: His Life and Art (Oxford Museum of Modern Art/Hayward Gallery, 1988), and co-edited “Eisenstein Rediscovered” (1993) and “The Film Factory: Russian and Soviet Cinema in Documents”, 1896-1939 (1988), both with Richard Taylor.

Antonio Somaini is Professor in Film, Media, and Visual Culture Theory at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3. Among his publications we find the book “Eisenstein. Cinema, Art History, Montage” (published in Italian in 2011, forthcoming in English in 2018 with The University of Illinois Press) and, together with Naum Kleiman, the English edition of Eisenstein's “Notes for a General History of Cinema” (Amsterdam University Press, 2016). He has edited works by Benjamin, Moholy-Nagy, and Vertov, and anthologies on media and visual culture theory, both in Italian and French.

Joan Neuberger is Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin. Professor Neuberger studies modern Russian culture in social and political context, with a focus on the politics of the arts. She is the author of an eclectic range of publications, including “Hooliganism: Crime and Culture in St Petersburg, 1900-1914” (California: 1993), “Ivan the Terrible: The Film Companion” (Palgrave: 2003); co-author of “Europe and the Making of Modernity, 1815-1914” (Oxford: 2005); and co-editor of “Imitations of Life: Melodrama in Russia” (Duke: 2001) and “Picturing Russia: Explorations in Visual Culture” (Yale: 2008).


Thursday 21 June – Friday 22 June


9:00am – 18:45pm


Monash Prato Centre
Sala Giochi,
Palazzo Vai, Via Pugliesi 26,
Prato, 59100, Italy

For further information, please contact  julia.vassilieva@monash.edu.


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