Visiting Scholars

Members of the MGFV team and visiting scholars, from left to right: Rachael Burgin, Kate Thomas, Dr Jasmine McGowan, Dr Heather Nancarrow (CEO, ANROWS), Professor Nicole Westmarland, Professor Jude McCulloch, Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Professor Amanda Robinson, Professor Sandra Walklate, and Professor JaneMaree Maher

2018 Visiting Fellows

Professor Julia Tolmie (University of Auckland)

Professor Julia Tolmie from the University of Auckland researches in criminal law, family law and feminist legal jurisprudence. A theme throughout her research has been how the law understands, constructs and responds to vulnerability and precarity - particularly in the lives of women. She served as chair of the New Zealand Family Violence Death Review Committee from December 2011-2016, deputy chair in 2017, and as a member of the New Zealand Government’s Expert Advisory Group on Family Violence in 2013. She was the academic member of the District Court Judges Education Committee in 2015-2017 and was also a member of the Institute of Judicial Studies Curriculum Working Group on Family Violence during that time. She was the inaugural Shirley Greenberg International Visiting Scholar at The University of Ottawa in 2016. She served on the expert panel for several references of the New Zealand Law Commission in 2015 and has provided peer review on multiple reports for government and non-government organisations on matters relating to criminal law and family violence over the years.

Dr Charlotte Barlow (School of Law, Lancaster University)

Dr Charlotte Barlow is a Lecturer in Criminology at Lancaster University. Her research focuses on violence against women and girls, particularly coercive control, police and other agency responses to domestic abuse and domestic abuse as a pathway into crime.

Professor Amanda Robinson (Criminology, Cardiff University)

Professor Robinson is Reader in Criminology at the University of Cardiff. Her research includes a strong policy focus, and her research projects that have contributed to significant changes in the services afforded to victims of domestic and sexual violence. Amanda was directly involved in shaping the Welsh Government's White Paper proposals and legislative priorities for 'ending violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence' in Wales.

Professor Louise Westmarland (Criminology, The Open University)

Professor Westmarland is Professor of Criminology at The Open University. Louise’s research focuses on the police and their occupational culture. This has included studies of gender and policing, homicide investigations and most recently corruption, integrity and ethics. Louise is an accredited Home Office Domestic Homicide Investigator, and conducts review of the circumstances around deaths of a person by a family member, partner or former partner.

Professor Nicole Westmarland (Criminology, Durham University)

Professor Westmarland is the Director of the Durham Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse (CRiVA) at Durham University. Nicole’s research consists of around thirty projects in the field of male violence against women. Nicole is particularly known for her work on rape, domestic violence and prostitution. This work has underpinned a number of policy changes which she has spoken about all over the world.

2017 Visiting Fellows

Associate Professor Rachel Condry (Law Faculty, University of Oxford)

Rachel Condry is an Associate Professor of Criminology and a Fellow of St Hilda's College at the University of Oxford. She has previously been a lecturer in criminology at the University of Surrey, and a lecturer and British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the London School of Economics. Her work focuses broadly on the intersections between crime and the family. She has carried out research projects on the families of serious offenders, prisoners’ families, parenting expertise in youth justice, and adolescent to parent violence. Rachel is the author of Families Shamed: The Consequences of Crime for Relatives of Serious Offenders (Willan, 2007).

Thiago Pierobom de Ávila (Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher and Endeavour Fellow, Institute for Criminal Law, Law Faculty, University of Lisbon)

Thiago Pierobom de Avila is a Postdoctoral Researcher from the Institute of Criminal Law (University of Lisbon) and visited the Gender and Family Violence Research Program as part of a successful Australia Awards - Endeavour Fellowship to undertake comparative research on policy responses to family violence.

Thiago completed his PhD in Law in 2015 at the University of Lisbon. He has published extensively in areas of law, police accountability and gender based violence. Thiago is a member of the Domestic Violence Forum of the Gender Research Group (NEPEM) of the University of Brasilia, a Fellow at the Institute for Criminology Law and School of the Law Faculty at the University of Lisbon and a committee member on the Brazilian National Committee of Prosecutors for Domestic Violence.

2016 Visiting Fellows

Professor Elizabeth Sheehy (Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa)

Elizabeth Sheehy is a Full Professor and Vice Dean Research at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. Her research record includes her most recent books: the edited collection Sexual Assault in Canada: Law, Legal Practice and Women’s Activism (Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2012) and Defending Battered Women on Trial: Lessons from the Transcripts (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2014). The latter book won the David Walter Mundell Medal for fine legal writing awarded by the Attorney General of Ontario, and was short-listed for the Canada Prize 2015.

If you are interested in visiting the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre as a visiting scholar please contact: Kate Fitz-Gibbon (email: