Identifying economic abuse for women with disability in Victoria

A toolkit for service providers and people experiencing family violence

Investigators: Professor JaneMaree Maher, Dr Jasmine McGowan, Tricia Malowney and Kate Thomas
Funded byThe Victorian Women's Benevolent Trust
Project contact: Dr Jasmine McGowan

Monash GFV researchers along with project partner and disability advocate Tricia Malowney OAM, were the recipients of a grant from the Victorian Women's Benevolent Trust (VWBT). The grant was awarded though the VWBT Small Grants program and funded the development of a fully accessible toolkit designed to assist service providers and people experiencing family violence identify economic abuse for Victorian women with disability. The toolkit is a set of questions developed in Auslan, Easy English and through images designed to help women and their service providers talk about economic abuse. Evidence of the under-recognition of economic abuse for women with disability suggests such a toolkit has the potential for wide-ranging direct impact. This project will contribute to the goal of strengthening the economic security of Victorian women by increasing awareness of this form of domestic and family violence and by assisting women with disability identify the presence of economic abuse in their lives.

This project worked with data collected for the ANROWS funded project Women, disability and violence: Creating access to justice. Access final reports via ANROWS here and AUSLAN and Easy English accessible versions via Monash GFV here.