Review of the Victorian Information Sharing Scheme

Review of family violence Information Sharing Scheme (RCFV Recommendation 5)
Professor Jude McCulloch, Professor JaneMaree Maher, Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Associate Professor Marie Segrave, Dr Kathryn Benier, Ms Kate Burns, Dr Jasmine McGowan and Ms Kate Thomas
Project contact: Dr Jasmine McGowan

Information Sharing Scheme and Review

A new family violence Information Sharing Scheme commenced in early 2018 for a limited group of organisations. The scheme is an integral aspect of the reforms recommended by the Royal Commission into Family Violence. The legislation establishing the scheme requires an independent Review within two years. The Review will be tabled in Parliament and will consider any unintended adverse effects of the scheme, as well as make recommendations to improve the operation of the scheme. The findings of the Review will impact on information sharing practice, policy and legislation.

The Gender and Family Violence team of researchers at Monash University have been contracted by Family Safety Victoria (FSV) to conduct the Review. There are a number of phases to the Review. Read more about this project and the first stages of the Review here.