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The hidden work of post-conflict recovery

Supporting social reproduction is central to the prospects of enduring peace.

3 October, 2019

Youth Climate Action Summit & Expert Group Meeting for Beijing +25

Last week, Professor Jacqui True and Betty Barkha, PhD candidate at Monash GPS, were in New York during the Climate Action Summit, SDG action week and the Expert Group Meeting in preparation for the Beijing +25 anniversary in 2020.

2 October, 2019

The scourge of 'gender politics' in Australian leadership

Earlier this week, former foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, aired her frustrations over what

27 August, 2019
school strike

Connecting the dots: climate change, WPS and youth

Impacts of climate change have been recognised (through empirical and scientific evidence) as a threat multiplier in international peace and security.

4 April, 2019
nepali women

The diversity of Nepal's women's movement must be recognized

Homogenization of Nepali women does not account for multiple and forms of discrimination.

26 March, 2019
all are welcome in aotearoa 550x350

This is not us – and yet it is us: why gendered analysis of terrorism is sorely needed

Known as one the safest and most isolated countries in the world, New Zealand has experienced its darkest day, a terrorist attack perpetrated by a lone gunman against Muslim citizens in Christchurch in two mosques during

22 March, 2019
courtesy of US Navy 550x350

Female foreign fighters and the need for a gendered approach to countering violent extremism

Who would have thought that the most significant force promoting transformation in gender roles would be terrorism?

8 March, 2019
UNSCR 550x350

Towards Women, Peace and Security in 2020 and Beyond

International Women’s Day 2019 provides the opportunity to reflect on and engage in what has been achieved in the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

8 March, 2019