Global Immersion Guarantee

Global Immersion Guarantee

The Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) is a ground-breaking study experience including a funded overseas experience for all first year Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Global Studies and related double degree students.

What is it?

What is it?

Flights, accommodation, and local travel are all paid for in this fieldwork unit that places you at the intersection of society, technology and environment. Here you'll think about the human impact on the environment, and how to balance environmental protection and sustainability within economic and social development.

What will I do?

What will I do?

GIG is about innovating and putting your degree into practice by responding to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Engage with people and organisations already working on these issues. This way you'll have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the complexities and challenges involved in implementing sustainable and innovative solutions - all skills your future employers will look for.


This unique field trip unit is for all first year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Global Studies (and related double degree) students. It is a 12-point elective unit for you to undertake at the end of your first year of study.


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Where will I travel?


Global Immersion Guarantee trips will run November - February each year and you will have the opportunity to either visit Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia or India. Monash has bases in these areas which means you will have access to excellent resources to assist with developing your fieldwork. And remember, while we'll do what we can to ensure you're allocated to your first preference, you might end up somewhere completely different.


Based at the TATA Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, you will be navigating the environmental challenges faced by India’s biggest and most populated city.


You will travel to two Indonesian islands to understand how different communities can balance economic development and environmental sustainability.


Based at the Monash Prato Centre, you will be exposed to experts working to mitigate the impact that different industries have on Italy’s natural environment.


Based at the Monash Malaysia campus in Kuala Lumpur, you will examine a number of sustainability challenges that are confronting contemporary Malaysia.