Graduate Research

Reach your full potential and make a significant contribution with research inspired by brilliant minds. Monash Arts makes the world your oyster, whether it be through our base in vibrant Melbourne, or internationally with a myriad of field research opportunities, or through one of our joint PhDs.

We offer both traditional and practice-based Masters by Research and PhDs. You can engage in focused research that pushes frontiers through our unique interdisciplinary framework. With specialist research training and professional development programs, we support aspirations for diverse career paths.

Our PhDs are also part of the Monash Doctoral program which enhances your research project and professional development with advanced training – giving you the ability to make an impact in academia, industry, government or community after graduation.

Download the Arts Graduate Research Course Guide.

PhD (Arts)

Enjoy flexibility in choosing your area of interest from the humanities, social sciences and performing arts in our Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Practice-based PhDs

Have a research project in mind that can be experienced? We offer practice-based PhDs in Creative Writing, Journalism, Music Composition, Music Performance, Theatre Performance and Translation Studies.

Joint PhDs

Gain study experience and an additional supervisor at one of our international partner institutions, giving you a dual-badged PhD.

Masters by Research

Choose between a MPhil, or a MA that includes practice-based streams in Creative Writing, Music Performance, Music Composition and Theatre Performance.

Pathway to Graduate Research

Interested in doing an Arts PhD or Master's by Research but don't already have the required research background? Find out how the Graduate Diploma of Arts Research pathway will give you the expertise to progress into a Graduate Research program offered by us.


Scholarships are available for both local and international students ranging from tuition fee cover, to research travel and stipend scholarships.

Find a supervisor

Every graduate research student is guided by at least two suitably qualified supervisors who are actively engaged in their area of research.