Theatre, Performance and Music

The Theatre, Performance & Music Graduate Research Program at Monash offers one of the most comprehensive graduate research programs in the fields of theatre, performance and music in Australia. Other than the conventional thesis-only PhD, the Program houses three practice-based doctoral programs: PhD (Theatre Performance); PhD (Music Composition); PhD (Music Performance). All of the graduate research courses in the TPM Program are designed to inspire scholarship that knows no borders and provides students with the opportunities to engage with the industry and community. They offer a progressive, holistic and culturally diverse program excelling in classical, jazz and popular music performance, composition, gender and performance, performance theory and practice, autoethnography as well as an internationally renowned reputation for research in ethnomusicology and musicology.

Program disciplines and supervisors

Theatre and Performance

Maryrose Casey Indigenous and First Nations performance; Australian theatre history; social and political performance

Stuart Grant Performance philosophy / phenomenology; site-specific performance (butoh / bodyweather); musical theatre

Fiona Gregory Theatre historiography; gender and sexuality in performance; celebrity and identity; Shakespeare studies

Jane Montgomery Griffiths Ancient Greek and Roman drama; feminist theatre; new writing (including playwriting); acting; directing

Stacy Holman-Jones Performance and live art; performativity and performative writing; feminist and Queer theory; new materialisms; ethnography and autoethnography; narrative performance; performance poetry

Felix Nobis Playwriting and script development; traditional and contemporary storytelling; performance practices


Music Performance

Robert Burke Practice-based artistic research; improvisation; jazz; saxophone

Kenji Fujimura Classical performance; piano; music education; music and health

Elizabeth Sellars 18th and 19th century classical violin performance; interpretation of Australian, English, Italian, Romanian and French violin music

Paul Williamson Jazz studies; improvisation; flow; trumpet


Music Composition

Cat Hope Digital music notation; electronic music; Australian music

Thomas Reiner Music composition; music semiotics; music and psychoanalysis


Musicology and Ethnomusicology

Joel Crotty Traditional musicology; classical performance

John Griffiths Medieval and renaissance music; historical performance practice; Spanish music

Margaret Kartomi Ethnomusicology; Music/dance/theatre of Southeast Asia; organology (study of musical instruments) and culture contact​

Jonathan McIntosh Identity, movement and music in ethnomusicology and anthropology

Adrian McNeil Interdisciplinary ethnomusicology

Paul Watt 19th century music; biography and life-writing; street music / busking / noise

Research programs and centres

Opportunities and support

Throughout your PhD, we actively support you in contributing to and participating in relevant conferences and a range of professional activities.

You will be trained in critical and analytical thinking, and supported to develop innovative research designs and methodologies, while also undertaking relevant coursework.

The Faculty of Arts also supports students with diverse scholarships and grants and numerous of funding schemes are available to support your candidature. 

Program staff

Joel Crotty

Postgraduate Co-ordinator (Deputy Director)


Niki Macri

Graduate Research Administrator