Film, Media, Communications and Journalism

The Film, Media, Communications and Journalism Graduate Research Program provides students with the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies in the dynamic and rapidly changing fields of film and screen studies, media and communications, and journalism. Supervised by some of the leading national and international scholars in these fields, our students address complex and pressing questions facing our media and cultural industries, providing new understandings of media practices, communities, and institutions.

Program disciplines and supervisors

Deb Anderson Environmental communication; media and disaster; rural cultural studies

Fay Anderson Media history, war, journalism, oral history, photography, genocide, crime, human rights, Australian history

Mark Andrejevic

Paul Atkinson Visual culture; continental philosophy; aesthetics

Andrea Baker Media histories and mixed methods analysis; urban communication, technology and music; alternative media and arts journalism

Daniel Black Body studies; digital culture; Japanese popular culture; video games, interfaces, robotics, artificial intelligence.

Stephanie Brookes Political journalism; news media; news, identity and representation; US media and politics; Australian media and politics; celebrity politics and populism; political communication

Elizabeth Coleman Freedom of expression; social aesthetics; communication ethics

Therese Davis Australian film and television, Indigenous media and postcolonial theory, women and media

Tessa Dwyer Language on screen, subtitling and dubbing, accented screens, intercultural reception, Netflix and post-broadcast television, media fandom & piracy, media access, eye tracking

Maura Edmond Feminist media studies; popular music studies; cultural industries and policy; music and sound on screen

Kate Fitch Public relations, communication and media industries, gender, history

Kevin Foster War photography, literature and media

Mark Gibson Cultural industries; class and culture; cultural politics

Xin Gu Cultural industries; creative industries; media cities; urban cultural policy; Chinese popular culture studies; civic media studies

Gil-Soo Han Minority media; intercultural communication; health, religion and ethnic studies

David Holmes Climate change communication; new media; social media

Shane Homan Cultural industries and policy; media industries and policy; popular music studies

Brett Hutchins Sports media and culture, Environmental media, Mobile media and communications, Online and digital media, News media and journalism

Koichi Iwabuchi Trans-Asia cultural studies; mobility; cultural diversity and inclusion in Japan and East Asia

Andrew Johnson Media and cultural literacy; discourse analysis; literature and media

Akane Kanai Digital cultures, identity, cultures of femininity, feminism

Olivia Khoo Asian media and cinema; Women and film; Transnational Chinese cinemas; Asian Australian cultural studies; Gender and sexuality

Johan Lidberg Investigative journalism and information access; climate change and environmental issues from a journalism and media perspective; journalistic and media accountability; media ethics and regulation

Mia Lindgren Radio; audio documentary and podcast genres; audio storytelling praxis and industries, journalism; emotionality and subjectivity autoethnography and practice-based research

Tony Moore Australian media and cultural history; activism and public broadcasting; bohemia, avant-gardes, subcultures and popular culture

Claire Perkins American independent cinema; contemporary television studies; feminist media studies

Aneta Podkalicka

Andy Ruddock

Margaret Simons Journalism practice, futures and change

Belinda Smaill Women in film and television, documentary studies, environment and media, ecocinema, animal studies.

John Tebbutt Sound, radio and audio studies; cultural histories and media (including popular music studies); international public service media with a focus on Asia.

Julia Vassilieva Film history and theory; film philosophy and politics; world cinema; film narrative; cinema and the brain.

Con Verevis Film theory and criticism; media seriality; contemporary Hollywood cinema

Deane Williams Documentary film, realist film theory, Australian film and television, intertextuality and film and television, musicality and film and television

How to apply

Research programs and centres

Opportunities and support

Throughout your PhD, we actively support you in contributing to and participating in relevant conferences and a range of professional activities.

You will be trained in critical and analytical thinking, and supported to develop innovative research designs and methodologies, while also undertaking relevant coursework.

The Faculty of Arts also supports students with diverse scholarships and grants and numerous of funding schemes are available to support your candidature.

Program staff

Associate Professor Olivia Khoo

Program Director

Dr Daniel Black

Milestone Panel Chair

Peachy Vasquez

Graduate Research Administrator


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