Historical Studies

The Monash Historical Studies Graduate Research Program offers a vibrant research student culture and outstanding research supervision linked to four related fields of disciplinary excellence: Archaeology and Ancient History, History, Indigenous Cultures, Archaeology and History, and Religious Studies. The Program aims to build the knowledge, skills and abilities that will help graduates become more effective researchers, and to develop general professional skills of value to prospective employers in academia, industry, government and the broader community.

Program disciplines and supervisors

Archaeology and Ancient History

Jessie Birkett-Rees Archaeology of conflict and commemoration; GIS landscape modelling; archaeology of Anatolia and the Caucasus; archaeological landscapes

Andrew Connor Ancient history; papyrology; Roman Empire and the Hellenistic world; Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt

Hilary Gopnik Archaeology of the Near East and Greece; landscape archaeology; Iron Age Iran;

Colin Hope Ancient Egypt; Roman Egypt; ancient material culture


Fay Anderson Media and photography history; war, genocide and the press

Bain Attwood Indigenous history; history and memory; public history

Adam Clulow Global history; Japanese history; history of commodities and trade; diplomacy, possession and law

Daniella Doron Jewish history; modern European history; history of childhood, gender and the family

David Garrioch Urban history; 18th century history; social history

Charlotte Greenhalgh Modern British history; gender history; 20th century Australia

Michael Hau German history; history of German sport and work sciences; history of meritocracy

Jenny Hocking Australian politics and history; biography; counter-terrorism

Peter Howard Renaissance Italy; history of medieval thought; European religious culture; theology; musical culture

Carolyn James Early modern European social and cultural history; early modern gendered relations; early modern politics and history of ideas

Julie Kalman French history; Jewish history; history of imperialism

Ernest Koh Chinese histories of nationalism in Asia, British imperial history, Second World War history, overseas Chinese history, post-colonial history, 19th and 20th century Southeast and East Asian history

Andrew Markus Social cohesion in Australia; race relations in Australia; Australian Jewish community; contemporary Australia

Paula Michaels Science, medicine, technology; gender/sexuality; Russia/Eastern Europe

Tony Moore Australian/British cultural and media history; Australian/British/Irish radical movements; bohemian, avant-garde and intellectual movements

Ruth Morgan Environmental history; urban history; history of science

Kate Murphy Modern Australian history; history of the family; gender and Australian culture; student movements in the early 1960s and 1970s

Kathleen Neal Political history of medieval Britain; gender; letter-writing

Nathalie Nguyen Memory, war and migration; Vietnamese diaspora; oral history of the Vietnam War; trauma

Seamus O'Hanlon Urban history; contemporary British and Australian social and cultural history; public history

Susie Protschky Histories of colonialism; photography and visual studies; 20th century history

Jemma Purdey Indonesian history; biography; human rights and reconciliation in Indonesia; Australia’s relationship with Indonesia

Noah Shenker Genocide and Holocaust studies; trauma and memory studies; film and media studies

Agnieszka Sobocinska Cultural history of international affairs, 20th Century Australian relations with Asia, history of travel and tourism; transnational emergence of foreign aid discourses

Seumas Spark Papua New Guinean history; social history of war

Josh Specht American history; environmental history; history of capitalism

Alistair Thomson Australian 20th century history; oral history and historical memory; war, migration, and family history

Beatrice Trefalt Japanese history; memory studies; war crimes trials of the Second World War; war commemoration

Christina Twomey 20th century Australian history; cultural history of war; imprisonment and captivity; witnessing and photographing atrocity; gender and memory

Tim Verhoeven American history; French history; history of religion and secularism; history of masculinity

Indigenous Cultures, Archaeology and History

Jeremy Ash Archaeology of colonialism; Australian Indigenous archaeology; island and coastal archaeology; partnership archaeology

John Bradley Indigenous Australian musical traditions; knowledge construction and contestation; Indigenous maritime knowledges; Indigenous environmental and ecological knowledges; knowledge maintenance and transfer

Liam Brady Indigenous archaeology; anthropology and archaeology of art; material culture studies; island and coastal archaeology; cultural heritage

Bruno David Archaeology of rock art; archaeology of Indigenous Australia; archaeology of Papua New Guinea; archaeology of oral traditions; archaeological methods

Ian McNiven Australian Indigenous archaeology; community-based archaeological research; coastal and island archaeology.

Lynette Russell Australian Indigenous histories; the history of anthropology and archaeology; interdisciplinary research, especially the nexus between anthropology, archaeology and history; museums, material culture, collections and exhibitions.

Rachel Standfield Australian Indigenous histories; New Zealand Indigenous histories; histories of colonialism and racial thought; histories of humanitarianism.

Religious Studies

Aydogan Kars History of Islamic theology; Medieval Arabic and Islamic philosophy; Islamic theology; comparative philosophy and religion

Constant Mews Medieval studies; religious history; religious thought

Tamara Prosic History of religion and theology; symbolic anthropology; Biblical literature and ritual; ancient Mediterranean history

Nathan Wolski Classical Jewish texts; comparative mysticism; medieval religious thought;How to apply

Research programs and centres

Opportunities and support

The Historical Studies Graduate Research Program provides a range of research training modules, reading and writing groups, research seminars and graduate conferences that underpins a vibrant research culture embracing both research students and supervisors

Throughout your PhD, we actively support you in contributing to and participating in relevant conferences and a range of professional activities.

You will be trained in critical and analytical thinking, and supported to develop innovative research designs and methodologies, while also undertaking relevant coursework.

The Faculty of Arts also supports students with diverse scholarships and grants and numerous of funding schemes are available to support your candidature.

Program staff

Dr Michael Hau

Program Director

Paula Michaels

A/Professor Paula Michaels

Milestone Panel Chair

Niki Macri

Graduate Research Administrator


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