Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

The Linguistic and Applied Linguistics Graduate Research Program works with our students to provide a deep, scientifically informed knowledge of how language is used and structured. The tools you'll acquire naturally augment those of anthropology, psychology, law, computer science and other complementary disciplines.

Program disciplines and supervisors

Kathryn Burridge Germanic languages; grammatical change; linguistic taboo

Brook Bolander Sociolinguistics of globalisation, language and transnationalism, digital discourse, qualitative research methodology, English as a global language, language and religion, English in South and Central Asia

Lucien Brown Korean language; pragmatics; multimodality; sociocultural language learning

Patrick Durel French studies; language learning and teaching; language curriculum design

Alice Gaby Australian Aboriginal languages; language, culture and cognition; linguistic typology

Jim Hlavac Translation and interpreting studies; contact linguistics; sociolinguistics

Hui Huang Chinese Studies; sociolinguistics; second language acquisition

Shimako Iwasaki Japanese studies; conversation analysis; intercultural communication

Naomi Kurata Japanese studies; language and identity; language learning and teaching

Howard Manns Indonesian languages and cultures; language variation and change; language and identity

Anna Margetts Language documentation and description; narrative and reference tracking; valence and transitivity

Simon Musgrave Austronesian languages; syntax; computational tools for linguistics

Satoshi Nambu Language variation and change, sociolinguistics, syntax, psycholinguistics

Nadine Normand-Marconnet French studies; intercultural communication; second language acquisition

Marc Orlando Translation studies; Interpreting; translation and interpreting didactics

Farzad Sharifian Cultural linguistics; English as an International Language (EIL); intercultural communication

Robyn Spence-Brown Japanese studies; second language acquisition and language teaching; language education policy

Louisa Willoughby Sign language linguistics; migrant languages; language and adolescence

Zhichang Xu World Englishes; English as a Lingua Franca; intercultural education

How to apply

Research programs and centres

Opportunities and support

Throughout your PhD, we actively support you in contributing to and participating in relevant conferences and a range of professional activities.

You will be trained in critical and analytical thinking, and supported to develop innovative research designs and methodologies, while also undertaking relevant coursework.

The Faculty of Arts also supports students with diverse scholarships and grants and numerous of funding schemes are available to support your candidature.

Program staff

Dr Alice Gaby

Program Director

Dr Alice Gaby is a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and the Program Director of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Her research interests lie in three intersecting domains: semantic and structural typology; the relationship between language, culture and cognition; and the documentation and analysis of endangered languages, especially those of the Australian continent.

Dr Robyn Spence-Brown

Milestone Panel Chair (Program Director S1/2019)

Dr Robyn Spence-Brown is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics and teaches and conducts research in the areas of Japanese language teaching and learning and applied linguistics more generally.

Sally Riley

Graduate Research Administrator


Monash University news

Applications open: The Monash Rudewych Years 7-11 Ukrainian Language Scholarships 2018

The Scholarships were established with funds generously donated by Mr Victor Rudewych and Ms Maria Rudewych. The Scholarships aim to encourage students in Australia to study the Ukrainian language and culture at school and to progress to higher levels of tuition from year to year.

LLCL only 26 October 2018

ANU Scholars in Ukrainian Studies

Monash University news

On Monday 29 October 2018 the Mykola Zerov Centre for Ukrainian Studies hosted presentations by Dr John Besemeres, Research Fellow, ANU Centre for European Studies, and Dr Sonia Mycak, Ukrainian Studies Foundation in Australia Research Fellow, ANU Centre for European Studies.

LLCL only 18 October 2018

Canadian author Myrna Kostash spoke on the encounter of Ukrainian Canadians with the First Peoples of Canada

On 12 October 2018 the Association of Ukrainians in Victoria (AUV) and the Mykola Zerov Centre for Ukrainian Studies at Monash University jointly hosted an evening with the Canadian author Myrna Kostash. Ms Kostash spoke on the topic of “Ancestors and Elders: Ukrainian-Canadian Settlers, the First Nations and the Myth of ‘Free Land.'”

LLCL only 18 October 2018

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration will speak in Melbourne

Ms Ivanna Klympush-Tsyntsadze, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, will visit Australia as the head of the official Ukrainian delegation supporting the Ukrainian team during the Invictus Games, to be held in Sydney on 20-27 October 2018.

LLCL only 17 October 2018
Monash University news

Master of Tourism student uses her degree to explore the world and make change

Maria Vasquez Arguello’s Master of Tourism degree has most definitely given her the travel bug.

LLCL only 19 September 2018
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