The Philosophy Graduate Program welcomes graduate research students in philosophy and bioethics. The program has notable strengths in many areas of philosophy and bioethics; you can find out more about the areas in which we are particularly strong below.

The Philosophy Graduate Program welcomes graduate research students in both the MA and the PhD. The program has long taken the view that it is highly beneficial for graduate research students to undertake MAs in philosophy before they undertake PhDs in philosophy.

The Philosophy Graduate Program runs two weekly events for graduate research students during the teaching semester. All graduate research students in the Program attend a work-in-progress seminar on Wednesday afternoons and a pre-seminar on Friday afternoons. The work-in-progress seminars mostly involve paper presentations from graduate students to their peers. The pre-seminar is a masterclass from whoever will be presenting at the staff seminar later in the afternoon.

Many other events form part of the Philosophy Graduate Program. Often these events are student-led. In particular, there is typically a weekend mini-conference in October, involving presentations from students and some invited speakers. There are also student-led reading groups during teaching semester.

Program disciplines and supervisors


Graham Oppy

Alison Ross Kant's Critique of Judgement; theories of meaning; theories of the image; theories of sensation and judgment

Paul Atkinson (Media, Film and Journalism)


Rob Sparrow including artificial intelligence

Catherine Mills including biopolitics

Michael Selgelid including public health ethics

Ryan Tonkens including ethics of reproduction

Justin Oakley including reproductive ethics

Alan Petersen Politics of bioethics (Sociology)

Ethics and Moral philosophy

Linda Barclay Applied ethics; environmental ethics

Rob Sparrow Applied ethics; moral philosophy; environmental ethics

Toby Handfield Ethical theory

Michael Selgelid Applied ethics

Ryan Tonkens Applied ethics; virtue ethics

Justin Oakley Ethical theory; virtue ethics; professional ethics

Suzy Killmister Dignity; autonomy; human rights

Elizabeth Prior Jonson Business ethics (Management)

European philosophy

Catherine Mills Contemporary European philosophy

Alison Ross Critical theory, especially Walter Benjamin and Jacques Rancière; philosophical anthropology, especially Hans Blumenberg

Chris Watkin Contemporary French materialist philosophy (French Studies) 

Michael Ure Nietzsche (Politics and International Relations)

Paul Atkinson Critical theory; French philosophy (Media, Film and Journalism)


Monima Chadha

Tim Bayne

Graham Oppy

Lloyd Humberstone

Kevin Korb (Information Technology)

Feminist philosophy/gender studies

Linda Barclay

Jacqui Broad Women's political thought; feminism

Catherine Mills Feminism

Paul Atkinson Gender studies (Media, Film and Journalism)

History of philosophy/historical philosophy

Jacqui Broad History of early modern philosophy

Constant Mews Medieval philosophy (History)

Human Rights

Linda Barclay

Suzy Killmister

Rob Sparrow

Legal Philosophy/Philosophy of Law

Toby Handfield

Patrick Emerton (Law)


Dave Ripley Philosophical logic; philosophy of logic

Lloyd Humberstone Philosophical logic; philosophy of logic including modal logic and its applications

Philosophy of language

Dave Ripley

Lloyd Humberstone

Graham Oppy

Monima Chadha

Patrick Emerton (Law)

Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science

Tim Bayne Philosophy of mind; cognitive science

Jennifer Windt Philosophy of mind; philosophy of dreaming; cognitive science

Jakob Hohwy Philosophy of mind; cognitive science

Monima Chadha Buddhist philosophy of mind

Kevin Korb Cognitive science (Information Technology)


Lloyd Humberstone

Toby Handfield

Graham Oppy

Tim Bayne

Dave Ripley

Philosophy of science and technology

Graham Oppy Philosophy of science

Ryan Tonkens Philosophy of technology; ethics of artificial intelligence

Toby Handfield Philosophy of science; philosophy of Quantum mechanics

Rob Sparrow Ethics of technology

Michael Selgelid Science and ethics

Kevin Korb Artificial intelligence; inductive inference; philosophy of science (Information Technology)

Social and political philosophy

Alison Ross Political theory; theories of revolution

Linda Barclay

Rob Sparrow

Toby Handfield including decision theory, philosophy of economics

Michael Selgelid

Suzy Killmister Dignity; autonomy; human rights; multiculturalism

Patrick Emerton (Law)

Paul Muldoon Modern political theory (Politics)

Michael Ure Political theory (Politics)

Elizabeth Coleman Freedom of expression; cross-cultural communication (Communications and Media)

Philosophy of Religion

Graham Oppy

Tim Bayne

Monima Chadha Indian and Buddhist philosophy


Jen Bleazby Philosophy of education, philosophy for children (Education)

How to apply

Research programs and centres

Opportunities and support

Throughout your PhD, we actively support you in contributing to and participating in relevant conferences and a range of professional activities.

You will be trained in critical and analytical thinking, and supported to develop innovative research designs and methodologies, while also undertaking relevant coursework.

The Faculty of Arts also supports students with diverse scholarships and grants and numerous of funding schemes are available to support your candidature.

Program staff

Professor Jakob Hohwy (S1/2019)

Program Director

Professor Graham Oppy (S1/2019)

Milestone Panel Chair

A/Professor Jacqui Broad (S2/2019 onward)

Program Director and Milestone Panel Chair

Niki Macri

Graduate Research Administrator


Monash University news

Applications open: The Monash Rudewych Years 7-11 Ukrainian Language Scholarships 2018

The Scholarships were established with funds generously donated by Mr Victor Rudewych and Ms Maria Rudewych. The Scholarships aim to encourage students in Australia to study the Ukrainian language and culture at school and to progress to higher levels of tuition from year to year.

26 October 2018

ANU Scholars in Ukrainian Studies

Monash University news

On Monday 29 October 2018 the Mykola Zerov Centre for Ukrainian Studies hosted presentations by Dr John Besemeres, Research Fellow, ANU Centre for European Studies, and Dr Sonia Mycak, Ukrainian Studies Foundation in Australia Research Fellow, ANU Centre for European Studies.

18 October 2018

Canadian author Myrna Kostash spoke on the encounter of Ukrainian Canadians with the First Peoples of Canada

On 12 October 2018 the Association of Ukrainians in Victoria (AUV) and the Mykola Zerov Centre for Ukrainian Studies at Monash University jointly hosted an evening with the Canadian author Myrna Kostash. Ms Kostash spoke on the topic of “Ancestors and Elders: Ukrainian-Canadian Settlers, the First Nations and the Myth of ‘Free Land.'”

18 October 2018

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration will speak in Melbourne

Ms Ivanna Klympush-Tsyntsadze, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, will visit Australia as the head of the official Ukrainian delegation supporting the Ukrainian team during the Invictus Games, to be held in Sydney on 20-27 October 2018.

17 October 2018
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Master of Tourism student uses her degree to explore the world and make change

Maria Vasquez Arguello’s Master of Tourism degree has most definitely given her the travel bug.

19 September 2018
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