Anthropology graduate research

Anthropology at Monash University is concerned with understanding human diversity and cultural difference, and the influence of globalisation and broad-scale social forces on how people live their lives in different contexts.

As a discipline, anthropology is concerned with systems of power and how these are lived, expressed and realised in diverse cultural settings. A politically engaged discipline, anthropology at Monash is concerned with issues central to social justice perspectives.

Research areas and projects

Our researchers specialise in South-East Asian studies, and take a sociocultural lens to understand how local and global transformations and movements intersect within the everyday lifeworlds of individuals, communities, and collectives.

We also host one of the highest concentrations of Medical Anthropologists in an Australian Anthropology department, and our strength in this area is evident in the hosting of the Faculty of Arts Focus Program ‘Health and Biofutures’ (led by Professor Andrea Whittaker, with colleagues in Sociology and Bioethics) by our discipline.

Anthropology at Monash has a demonstrated record of high quality student supervision and mentorship. Our newly launched higher-degree by research program (aimed at PhD and Masters Students) gives emerging scholars the knowledge and analytical tools to understand cultural difference, human motivations, and to gain insight into how others interpret the world around them. In doing so, our work speaks directly to contemporary global challenges. We invite Expressions of Interest from students who are interested in our key research areas.

Supervisors in Anthropology

Student Profile

Name: Morgan Ndlovu
Discipline: Anthropology

"I chose the School of Social Sciences because I discovered that most of its academic staff are at the forefront of cutting edge social scientific research in Australia."

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Supervisor profile

Name: Dr Narelle Warren
Discipline: Anthropology and Sociology

"As I supervisor, I draw on my own experiences as a student. I benefited strongly from excellent PhD supervision and mentoring, and still have wonderful relationships with my former supervisors."

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