Population Migration and Social Inclusion graduate research

Immigration is an increasing global phenomenon. The need to understand and manage cultural diversity and the associated social and economic impacts are crucial for social cohesion.

The Migration and Inclusion Centre at the Monash University School of Social Sciences engages in high quality, independent and interdisciplinary research supporting the development and sustainability of inclusive and cohesive communities.

We focus on examining the experiences and attitudes of new and existing, temporary and longer term resident populations in terms of cultural diversity, social issues, and social inclusion. This program extends to the examination of existing policy and is oriented towards creating future policy opportunities of benefit to the whole community.

Research themes

We draw on the migration research strengths from within the Faculty to develop and advance the PMSI research agenda which has been divided into four thematic areas:

Theme 1: The spatial concentration of immigrant groups and consequences for the economic and social life of urban and regional communities.

Theme 2: Temporal changes in social relationships, attitudes and social actions in communities experiencing increases in diversity and/or immigrant concentration.

Theme 3: Understanding the human experience of border crossings, and the implementation of regulatory practice, through empirical examinations of irregular migration and border control at the global, regional and national level.

Theme 4: Negotiating settlement for new arrived immigrants and experiences of locality and belonging in contemporary Australia.

Supervisors in Population Migration and Social Inclusion

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Our research achievements extend beyond academic outputs to community engagement and industry partnerships.

We have a strong focus on nurturing and providing opportunities for our Postgraduate Network in recognition of their advancement to becoming the next generation of migration researchers.

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Student Profile

Name: John van Kooy
Program: PMSI

"I was attracted to the Population, Migration and Social Inclusion (PMSI) Focus Program because of the opportunity to work in a collegiate environment with peers and senior academics who have similar interests."

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Supervisor profile

Name: Dharma Arunachalam
Program: Sociology; Population, Migration and Social Inclusion

"I treat my students as young scholars, value their knowledge and perspectives and try to work with them to get the best out of them."

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