Beatlemania at Monash! The Beatles’ Week at the JSC

Dr Tina Weller welcomes the school to the academic launch

During the week of 7-9 March, the Japanese Studies Centre (JSC) featured two Beatle-themed events to kick off the 2018 seminar series. The first was an academic launch of the JSC director Carolyn Stevens‘ new book, The Beatles in Japan.  The volume was introduced by Dr. Tina Weller (German Studies) with commentary from the School Research Coordinator, Dr. Chris Watkin (French Studies). Professor Stevens then gave a presentation on the Beatles' transnational narrative across Japan, and the recent ‘manga-fication' of the Beatles in the contemporary Japanese imagination.

On Friday evening 9 March, the JSC hosted a musical launch, which featured live music. Monash honours student Patrick Sherlock won the trivia quiz (a signed copy of the book) and George Harrison won the attendees poll as the most popular Beatle. John and Paul came in as equal second, and interestingly there was one savvy quiz taker who voted for Stuart Sutcliffe!

Professor Gloria Davies (Chinese Studies) launched the book, noting the transnational lessons learned from the study of the Beatles music and fandom across Asia.

Then, the musical presentation began. The group Turn Left at Greenland (Carolyn Stevens on rhythm guitar and vocals, Malcolm Connell on lead guitar and vocals, David Clarkson on bass, Andrew Watkins on drums, Paul Junor on backing vocals) re-created the set that the Beatles played at the Budokan in June/July 1966.

You can watch some performances from the set here and here.

Thanks to everyone who came along to see the band and to help Carolyn celebrate the book!