How can I study a language at Monash?

There are several ways in which you can study language units (subjects) at Monash:

  • As a unit within a Monash Arts degree, or as an elective unit within many other undergraduate degrees (e.g. Economics, Information Technology, Engineering)
  • By enrolling in an Undergraduate Diploma of Languages, which must be taken concurrently with another undergraduate degree OR
  • If you are already a university graduate, by enrolling in a Graduate Diploma of Languages or as an elective in another post-graduate degree (where permitted).
  • As a cross-institutional unit if you are enrolled at another university and have their permission to take a language at Monash towards that degree.
  • As a single unit (subject), available on a full-fee paying basis.

Whichever option suits your circumstances, you will be able to choose from our extensive range of language units from beginners to advanced level – we can give you a placement test to see where you fit in.  As well as language units, some disciplines also offer units related to society and culture (literature, film, theatre etc) taught in English or in the target language.