Monash offers an extensive program of 12 sequential semester-length Japanese language units, from introductory to advanced, incorporating language acquisition and development of cultural and intercultural competence. These units have been mapped against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, allowing students to track their progression against international benchmarks. (This framework is also the basis for the JF Standards for Japanese-Language Education.)

Students who complete the highest level unit (Japanese Advanced 6) can achieve a level of B2 (Intermediate User) while those who incorporate in-country study may reach even higher levels. At the advanced level, language skills are acquired and refined through theme based units focussing on Japanese culture and society, and students are also introduced to translation and interpreting skills. In addition to language competence, the Japanese language and studies program aims to equip students with critical and analytical skills in preparation for Honours and postgraduate study.

Find more detailed information about specific Japanese units in the handbook.