Monash students win first prize in Siyuan Cup Translation Competition

Monash students win first prize in Siyuan Cup Translation Competition

Southeast University – Monash University Joint Graduate School students in the Masters of Interpreting and Translation Studies (MITS), Yiwei Zhang and Zhaoying Li, were recently announced as joint first prize winners in the English into Chinese section of the inaugural “Siyuan Cup” Translation Competition.

Hosted by Shanghai Jiaotong University’s School of Foreign Languages, the national competition attracted close to 1000 participants from universities all across China.

Entrants were required to complete a translation task using an online platform within a limited time, with the quality of their translated text then assessed by a judging panel.

Both Yiwei Zhang and Zhaoying Li said spending time to research the source text and obtaining background knowledge to the topic was critical in providing a coherent and understandable target text.

With qualifications in English language from China Pharmaceutical University, Ms Zhang started doing MITS because she wanted to strengthen her translation and interpretation skills so she could work as an in-house translator in a pharmaceutical company in the future.

At Monash she began studying Applied Translation and Translation for Special Purposes which focused on translation during class.

Students would have the theoretical discussions in relation to context and cognitive environment followed by the practical translation of authentic texts, which illustrate the issues involved.

“I really appreciated the seminars and workshops taught by Dr Thomas Chase and Dr Lintao (Rick) Qi in these units which have introduced us to translation theories, the use of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools and strategies of translating different textual genres,” she said.

“Monash University is one of Australia’s leading universities. Studying in the Southeast University – Monash University Joint Graduate School located in Suzhou can give me the opportunity to take subjects both with Chinese teachers and Australian teachers and experience different teaching styles and cultures,” she said.

Ms Zhaoying Li, who majored in English and Business Administration at Hohai University, said when it comes to offering a target text, it is years of reading plus translating skills that enabled her to present an understandable translation within a short amount of time. She said her course at Monash was able to assist her with these critical skills.

“I do love Monash courses very much, because they perfectly combine theories with practice. When a seminar is given, it is usually followed by a translation workshop with the same topic as the seminar, so students can truly understand the theories taught and put them in real practice,” Ms Li said.

The double masters program offered by SEU and Monash is quite appealing as students are taught by both Chinese and Australian teachers. It offers an opportunity for translation students to experience western culture, which is essential for being a cultural mediator.”

Dr Thomas Chase, Coordinator Monash-SEU Double Masters in Interpreting and Translation Studies said: “The outstanding results achieved by both students are a testament to their conscientious efforts and well-honed translation skills, while also enhancing a growing profile for the Monash Masters of Interpretation and Translation Studies program in China.”

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