JSC Semester 1 2019 Round Up

The first semester of 2019 proved a busy one at the Japanese Studies Centre; we welcomed back Dr. Alison Tokita as an adjunct researcher, as well as hearing from both local staff and guest speakers.

We were particular pleased to start out with a collaborative event, a public lecture by Prof Yasushiro Matsuda of Tokyo University, presented in cooperation with the Japanese Consulate General (for more info on this lecture, click here). We also heard from Dr. Lucien Brown (Monash University) who is doing comparative work on politeness in Japanese and Korean; later seminars included presentations by Dr. Tokita and our visiting scholar, Prof. Ayuu Ishida.

We look forward to a busy semester 2! If you would like to be added to our mailing list, let Prof Stevens know by emailing her here.

Here are some pictorial highlights from the semester:

Dr. Lucien Brown from LLCL's Korean Program spoke at the JSC on his comparative work.

Professor Carolyn Stevens welcomed the audience at the Public Lecture on 15 March 2019.

Consul-General Kazuyoshi Matsunaga introduced the speaker.

Professor Matsuda was an entertaining and engaging lecturer!

We were really happy to welcome back Dr. Alison Tokita in April after she had spent some years teaching and conducting research in Tokyo and Kyoto. Here she is pictured with a longtime supporter, Freda Freiberg, and new Japanese program lecturer, Iori Hamada.

The JSC community past and present really enjoyed the chance to catch up! (left to right:  Levi Durbidge, Robyn Spence-Brown, Jeremy Breaden, Hiroshi Honda)