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Monash University news

Crosshatching Prato

We are delighted to welcome Dr Matteo Dutto to Prato, a Postdoctoral Fellowship.

LLCL only 22 March, 2019
Arts Alumni Maeve Martyn, now GM of Humanities 21

BA Alum (2016) Maeve Martyn, now General Manager of Humanities 21

General Manager of Humanities 21 Maeve Martyn studied a Bachelor of Arts (Italian Studies & History double major) at Monash, and recently shared how this launched her career at Monash's regular seminar for students ‘Arts in the Real

LLCL only 2 August, 2017
Nic Davidson & Sarah Holloway, Founders of Matcha Maiden

The global opportunities with Arts at Monash

Arts/Law (2012) graduate Sarah Holloway co-founded Matcha Maiden, a global e-commerce organic matcha powder supplier, and about a year ago started the physical venue  LLCL only 12 April, 2017

Monash University news

Lecture: Dr Carrieri on Jewish musicians in Fascist Italy

There are voices of resistance that are little heard but will remain alive forever

LLCL only 6 March, 2015
Monash University news

Prof Zyg Baranzki (Notre Dame University US and University of Cambridge, UK) is Visiting Scholar at the Italian Studies program at Monash

Prof Zyg Baranski , a world’s leading expert on Dante, medieval literature and poetics, and expert on modern literature and film, is Visiting Scholar at the Monash Italian Studies program. During his visit he will give three lectures.

LLCL only 8 September, 2014
Monash University news

Seminar by Prof Paolo Bartoloni (September 3)

It is one hundred years since Zeno Cosini, the narrator and protagonist of Italo Svevo’s modernist masterpiece Zeno’s Conscience, started writing his autobiographical confession.

LLCL only 25 August, 2014
Monash University news

Reinterpreting ‘Italian’ for the 21st century

In an era when millions of people living in countries other than Italy identify themselves as Italian – it is the fifth most claimed ancestry in Australia – the question of what that actually means becomes a complex one.

LLCL only 15 August, 2014
Monash University news

Exploring perceptions of Europe in Italian Australian cultural productions

Dr Eliana Maestri (University of Warwick) visited Melbourne recently to conduct interviews with second and third-generation Italian-Australian artists and writers as part of a research project...

LLCL only 28 April, 2014
Monash University news

A dynamic exchange: Consul General Cerbo visits the Italian Studies program at Monash

In a dynamic exchange with students of the Italian Studies program at Clayton, Consul Cerbo revealed a number of Italian inventions that are used by everyone in our daily life.

LLCL only 28 April, 2014