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Monash University news

Photos from the JSC seminar 19 September: Militourism and Guidebooks in Occupational Japan

Japanese Studies, tourism studies and photography studies came together on 19 September at the Japanese Studies Centre Auditorium where we heard Dr. Daniel Milne (Kyoto University, Japan) speak about his ongoing research into the visual

20 September, 2018
Monash University news

6 October 2016: Joint JSC/MAI Seminar by Professor Seongbin Hwang

There has been a significant increase of news reports that feature Chinese tourists in Japan since 2012, when Japanese government started monetary easing to significantly devalue the Japanese Yen. However, it is a very

17 October, 2016
Monash University news

10 August 2016 Seminar: Apocalyptic Imagination in Contemporary Japan

Apocalyptic themes can commonly be found in modern Japanese cultural works, such as animation, comic books, and “light novels.” These themes are clearly inspired by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the close of the

13 July, 2016
Monash University news

Photographs from the 23 March 2016 JSC seminar: Japanese Futures: Globalization and the Notion of a Heisei Restoration

Although discussions about the nature of globalization have been occurring in Japan for two decades, it was only around 2010 that the media began to report Japan’s tardiness in addressing related issues as a kind of national crisis. Fearful

25 February, 2016