Professional Development Short Courses

Professional development is of the utmost importance in translation and interpreting training. We, therefore, provide many opportunities for students and practising interpreters and translators to develop and refine their skills. Students are strongly encouraged to undertake short courses dedicated to improving skills and techniques while examining what constitutes best practice in specific industry settings.

Short Courses

Interpreters and translators may improve their work through the Professional Development Short Course Program developed in partnership with the Multicultural Affairs and Social Cohesion Division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria. This program addresses the issues, practices and techniques of translation and interpreting in specialised areas such as the community, legal, health, mental health and technology fields.

Literary Translation Spring School

Monash Translation and Interpreting studies runs a regular series of literary translation schools. Aimed at students, writers, professional translators, language teachers, literature lovers and anyone interested in literary translation, these events consist of several days of collaborative translation workshops led by both an expert translator and the author of the text to be translated.

The translations produced as part of the first Literary Translation Summer School have been published in Creative Constraints: Translation and Authorship (Monash University Publishing, 2012). Translations from the second Literary Translation Winter School were published in the official journal of the Australian Association for Literary Translation (AALITRA), The AALITRA Review  (no. 8, 2014).  In 2016, literary translation workshops featured as part of Literary Commons!

The 2017 Literary Translation School (21-23 September), Translating the Untranslatable: Poetry in Translation, included works in Chinese, German, Japanese in Spanish.