Leadership team


Professor Sharon Pickering

Sharon is a Professor of Criminology. She was most recently an Australian Research Council Future Fellow on Border Policing. Sharon is the Founder and Director of the Border Crossing Observatory - an innovative virtual research centre that produces high quality and independent research on border crossings. She has authored 14 books and over 60 journal articles and book chapters. She has served on the ERA research evaluation committee and currently serves on the ARC College.

Deputy Deans

Professor Rita Wilson
Deputy Dean & Associate Dean Graduate Research

Rita’s research interests are both interdisciplinary and intercultural, combining an interest in literary and translation theories with studies of contemporary Italian literature and culture. Her most recent publications focus on the relationship between translation, migration and the construction of cultural identities. She is the Monash-Warwick Associate Professor, Department of Italian, University of Warwick (UK), and Academic Co-Director, Migration, Identity, Translation Network.

Faculty Management

Roshana Nanayakkara <br />Faculty General Manager

Roshana Nanayakkara
Faculty General Manager

The Faculty General Manager provides high-level leadership to, and has oversight of, the faculty’s administrative, resource and business planning activities, and contributes to its effective governance. The position is responsible for the faculty’s professional staff support functions and for leading interactions with university administration on behalf of the Faculty.

Associate Deans

Doctor Cecilia Hewlett <br />Associate Dean International

Doctor Cecilia Hewlett
Associate Dean International

Cecilia is also Director of Monash University's Prato Centre. She provides strategic oversight of the faculty’s international partnerships. She is a member of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and has published on urban–rural relations in Early Modern Italy.

Associate Professor Alison Ross
Associate Dean Research

Alison provides academic oversight of the faculty’s research portfolio. Alison works closely with school and centre research coordinators and the Arts Research and Business Development Office on a wide range of research related issues.

Associate Professor Sarah McDonald
Associate Dean Education

Since 2012 Sarah has collaborated with the University of Warwick on a cross-institutional undergraduate teaching project. Her research is in the emerging field of Cultural Literacy with a specific focus on the development of research-based practice models. She is a specialist in Latin American Studies with a focus on contemporary Latin American Cinema, particularly as it relates to representations of women and marginal social groups.

Heads of Schools and Centres

Associate Professor Kevin Foster
School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics

Kevin was educated in the UK, Canada and Australia. The principal focus of his research has been on the construction and articulation of national identity in literature, media and film, with a particular focus on conflict. He has published a monograph Don’t Mention the War: The Australian Defence Force, the Media and the Afghan Conflict (Monash UP 2013), books including Fighting Fictions: War, Narrative and National Identity (Pluto 1999) and Lost Worlds: Latin America and the Imagining of Empire (Pluto 2009), and edited a collection of essays What are we doing in Afghanistan? The Military and the Media at War (ASP 2009) and The Information Battlefield: Representing Australians at War (ASP 2011).

Associate Professor Mia Lindgren
School of Media, Film and Journalism

Mia teaches and researches across a range of areas in journalism. Mia is interested in journalistic storytelling for social change, through podcasting and other audio forms. She publishes in journalism studies and practice, journalism education and radio studies. As a radio documentary producer, she also has an interest in practice led research. She is the co-editor of The Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media.

Professor Christina Twomey
School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies

Christina is Director of the Global Conflict and Violence Focus Program and a member of the international coordinating committee of Historians Without Borders. Previously an ARC Future Fellow (2012-15), she is currently researching civilian internment and concentration policies at three different colonial sites in the late nineteenth century: South Africa, Cuba and the Philippines. She has published widely on the cultural history of war, with a focus on issues of imprisonment, captivity, witnessing, the photography of atrocity, gender and memory.

Professor Robert Thomson
School of Social Sciences

Robert is Professor of Politics in the School of Social Sciences. He joined Monash in 2017, having previously held positions in the Netherlands (at the Universities of Groningen and Utrecht), Ireland (at Trinity College Dublin) and the United Kingdom (at the University of Strathclyde). His research focuses on international comparisons of democratic representation, and various forms of international governance. In one area of ongoing research Robert and his colleagues are examining the conditions under which politicians keep and break the promises they make to voters when they enter government office. In another area, Robert and his colleagues are seeking to understand negotiations in the European Union and how the EU operates on the international stage.

Professor Cat Hope
Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music

Cat Hope is an active composer, sound artist and musician. She explores the physicality of sound in different media, as discussed in Loading the Silence (Kouvaris, 2013), Women of Note (Appleby, 2012), The Wire (UK, 2013) and Neu Zeitschrift Fur Musik Shaft (Ger, 2012). Her works have been recorded for Australian, German and Austrian national radio, and awarded a range of prizes including the APRA|AMC Award for Excellence in Experimental Music in 2011, 2014 and the Peggy Glanville Hicks residency in 2014.

Professor Jane Montgomery-Griffiths
Centre for Theatre and Performance

Jane has had an extensive career in UK theatre as an actor and director, performing with the RSC, Chichester Festival Theatre, Derby Playhouse, Cambridge Theatre Company, Harrogate Theatre and Compass Theatre. She has been a board member for the Australian Script Centre and Red Stitch, and is a regular media commentator on theatre and Greek drama.

Professor Koichi Iwabuchi
Monash Asia Institute

Koichi is an internationally recognised scholar of media and cultural studies. As Director, Koichi is interested in promoting researches on trans-Asian mobilities, connections and dialogues in a global perspective. Koichi is also keen to facilitate creative practices of how we de-compartmentalise the studies about “Asia” within Australia and how we re-imagine Australia as part of Asia and Asia as part of Australia.

Professor Lynette Russell
Monash Indigenous Studies Centre

Lynette has published widely in the areas of theory, indigenous histories, post-colonialism and representations of race. She holds a five year ARC Professorial Fellowship to undertake a study of Victorian ethnographers 1834-1930. The driving force in all of her research is an exploration of the sociology (and socio-politics) of knowledge.