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Presenting the student journalist of the year 2018, Peter Bateman

by Manmeet Gulati

Peter Bateman is a double Masters’ graduate in Journalism and International Relations from Monash University. Peter recently trumped a class field of entrants to win the Melbourne Press Club’s 2018 Student Journalist of the Year award.

15 April 2019

Meet Vijay S Paul, the man who takes up challenges gracefully

Vijay profile

by Manmeet Gulati

MFJ Masters graduate Vijay S Paul is a young entrepreneur and engineer from India. Vijay always has his hands full with designing, writing, conducting seminars and social media marketing. He sold his start-up ‘IZE Creative’, which he created in September 2011, in order to pursue a Masters of Communications and Media Studies at Monash.

4 April 2019

A passionate runner whose question witnessed a million clicks overnight: meet the Monash graduate Mr. Sukant Singh

by Manmeet Gulati

Sukant Singh, a man who has successfully completed 15-18 marathons across Mumbai, Bangalore, Melbourne, Sydney, and Gold Coast is just unstoppable. Running is not only his passion but a form of meditation for him. He has accomplished the 50 km Bangalore Ultra marathon moving on to Shimla Ultra marathon of 70km in June, 2016.

27 March 2019

Winner of 2019 Senses of Cinema-Monash Essay Prize announced

A winner of the 2019 Senses of Cinema-Monash Essay Prize has been selected and is due for imminent public announcement. The prize has been awarded to Danica van de Velde for her essay “Erosion by Desire: Marguerite Duras’ Self-Adaptations”.

22 March 2019
Monash University news

Associate Professor Deane Williams celebrates Ten Years of Studies in Documentary Film

Associate Professor of Film and Screen Studies, Deane Williams, is celebrating the release of his new book: Ten Years of Studies in Documentary Film.

12 March 2019
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