A passionate runner whose question witnessed a million clicks overnight: meet the Monash graduate Mr. Sukant Singh

by Manmeet Gulati

Sukant Singh, a man who has successfully completed 15-18 marathons across Mumbai, Bangalore, Melbourne, Sydney, and Gold Coast is just unstoppable. Running is not only his passion but a form of meditation for him. He has accomplished the 50 km Bangalore Ultra marathon moving on to Shimla Ultra marathon of 70km in June, 2016.

‘Running is a drug to me and I am proud to be addicted to it. People may think I am a lunatic for running so much but I believe that it’s imperative to chase one’s passion and dreams’, says Sukant Singh.

He believes running makes us a better leader and decision makers as it improves our efficiency and grasping ability. He always encourages himself tomove out of his comfort zone and dreams to run in New York and Boston in order to test his limits.

Having a father as a cardiologist makes running a connector between father and son. ‘My father is always delighted to see me running. Of course being a cardiologist he believes in keeping your heart healthy and happy’, says Sukant.

This passion runs alongside his love for media which brought him to Monash University in order to pursue a Master of International Relations degree, with elections in MFJ’s Master of Media Studies and Communications degree. He states that the course at Monash has helped him with a range of units to opt from where he learnt a lot studying Issues in International Communications and Media, Technologies and Social Change, Emerging Economies and International Institutional Organisation.

‘The units that I choose helped me understand the industry better’, says Sukant.

Sukant was a research assistant at MFJ with Dr Caron Dann for semester 2. His work required him to investigate how to embed student wellbeing strategies in the curriculum, and he presented his ideas to a workshop of MFJ staff in October 2018.

He plans to combine his passion for running with his affinity for writing by coming up with a book based on his running expeditions. He looks for inspiration to Mina Guli, who is currently running 100 marathons in 100 days across the world to raise awareness on water crisis.

While studying at Monash, Sukant was also successful in securing an internship with ABC news for 8 weeks. He states, ‘My internship at ABC has been a stepping stone for me. Though the company was going through a difficult phase at that time, I was fortunate to witness it. The crisis at ABC news where the managing director, Michelle Guthrie, was sacked made me dig deeper. As a part of the audience of the talk show (Q&A), my question was selected, and received a million clicks overnight,’ mentions Sukant.

Before coming to Melbourne, Sukant has worked at news channels including NDTV, interviewing famous Bollywood personalities such as Abhishek Bachann (actor). His internship with ABC news reflected his passion for Australian media which grew with time.

Sukant was also on the panel for a session at Creative Directions 2018, a media, cultural and communication festival organised by the School of Media, Film and Journalism.

‘I strongly encourage students to make the most of every opportunity knocking on their door at Monash. These experiences shall help them learn a lot,’ suggests Sukant.

Sukant is also very inclined towards painting. He not only tries to communicate through words but also through art. Suki’s Art is an online project undertaken to raise money for indigenous peoples of the world. The art mainly depicts the lifestyle of the early inhabitants of British India and the culture of the indigenous people.

This immensely talented man looks forward to pursuing his PhD in media and journalism with an intension to strengthen the community of journalists. Realising the power of media, Sukant aims to add value to the media industry.

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