Master of Communications and Media Studies student elected as AEC postgrad representative

Master of Communications and Media Studies student elected as AEC postgrad representative

Vijay Paul, a second-year student in the Master of Communications and Media Studies program at Monash has been elected as the Arts postgraduate representative on the Arts Education Committee (AEC).

The Committee, part of the Monash Postgraduate Association, discusses issues regarding learning and teaching within the Arts fFaculty. Mr Paul’s new role will see him contributing to these discussion from a postgraduate student’s perspective and to raise any relevant issues on behalf of the postgraduate student body.

“My goals in this role are simple: to voice the students' major concerns in the committee, so that together we can find essentially constructive solutions which will not only help in bettering the student experience, but also build a system that regularly evaluates its own effectiveness,” Mr Paul said.

“This in turn, will result in steps being taken, that would make the student experience better and better with passing time.”

Vijay Paul

With a diverse student population composing the Arts Faculty, Mr Paul said there is the potential for a diverse set of problems faced by students to arise.

Mr Paul, who has previously held leadership and representative positions, said no two students have the same learning experience, and so finding the most pressing concerns and working with the students to solve them is key.

“One thing that has always been close to my heart is meeting the expectations of the team members and ensure they have a very positive experience overall,” he said.

Mr Paul also assisted with the formation of Communication and Media Postgraduate Union of Students (CAMPUS), a representative body for MCMS students with a focus to build a platform to better the student experience.

“One year down the line, having met many of the primary goals we set in the beginning, I felt I could contribute to the larger cohort of Arts students, and thus applied for the role of the postgraduate representative in AEC,” he said.

“[Students] have a wonderful resource system within the Faculty with a single-minded focus to ensure that you have the best experience in Monash, both academically and personally.”

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