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Getting to know... Robbie Fordyce

The School of Media, Film and Journalism welcomes Robbie Fordyce. Here he tells about his first job, his worst job and his current research interests.

6 February, 2019
The new kid on the block – Indonesia is pushing for ‘creative economy’ with a mission for social impact

The new kid on the block – Indonesia is pushing for ‘creative economy’ with a mission for social impact

The term 'creative economy' has become a key word in developing regions across Asia. Xin Gu argues that this will allow Indonesia to link with global markets, through which an

19 November, 2018
Monash University news

Martyr and Conviction Politics

Two major projects, Martyr and Conviction Politics, will shed new light on the activism by thousands of political prisoners and ordinary convicts sent to Australia in the

12 June, 2017
Reg Mombassa

Tin sheds to global empires: looking at Mambo and what’s changed

How did Mambo go from being a team of irreverent surf culture enthusiasts, artists and rockers in a tiny shed, to the multimillion dollar company it is today?

7 November, 2016
The Wall Street Journal newsroom’s digital hub - Journalism study tour

New York Field School delivers Journalism students to iconic industry sites

Masters students have benefitted from a life-changing experience when they participated in a new Monash overseas program, Journalism Futures: New York Field School.

1 February, 2016
Monash University news

Australia’s climate politics on a high wire

While the politicisation of climate change has transformed climate reporting into something of a circus, the Coalition’s announcement of a 26% emissions reduction target on 2005 levels for Australia by 2030 has surely placed its climate

12 August, 2015
Monash University news

Wetlands: sugar and spice at MIFF

Wetlands, directed by David Wnendt and based on the best-selling novel by Charlotte Roche, is part of an ever-expanding body of work that gives the lie to the “sugar and spice” conception of women and girls’ sexuality.

19 August, 2014
Monash University news

A blues song to break the silence: Black Panther Woman at MIFF

Rachel Perkins’ latest documentary, Black Panther Woman, brings to the screen the life of Australia’s foremost Indigenous female blues singer: Marlene Cummins. Like any good blues song this is a confronting and powerful story.

15 August, 2014