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The new kid on the block – Indonesia is pushing for ‘creative economy’ with a mission for social impact

The new kid on the block – Indonesia is pushing for ‘creative economy’ with a mission for social impact

The term 'creative economy' has become a key word in developing regions across Asia. Xin Gu argues that this will allow Indonesia to link with global markets, through which an

19 November, 2018
Monash University news

In defence of serendipity: the Silicon Emperor is wearing no clothes

Serendipity is the process of finding something useful, valuable or just generally “good” without actually looking for it. Throughout the history of invention and discovery serendipity has functioned as a sort of Freudian unconscious,

20 June, 2017
Field work in the classroom at Monash University

Field work in the classroom at Monash University

The Master of Cultural and Creative Industries has just completed its innovative new unit Cultural Economy and Sustainable Development.

12 June, 2017
Monash University news

Culture to go? Symposium explores creative and cultural industries futures

Debates around the creative industries, and the ‘creative cities’ and ‘creative classes’ associated with these, have now been raging for two decades. The celebratory rhetoric associated with their early expressions have

4 April, 2017
Reg Mombassa

Tin sheds to global empires: looking at Mambo and what’s changed

How did Mambo go from being a team of irreverent surf culture enthusiasts, artists and rockers in a tiny shed, to the multimillion dollar company it is today?

7 November, 2016
Monash University news

What are creative spaces for? Symposium to explore state of the art

This half-day session will ask what creative spaces are actually for? First stepping stone for ambitious start-ups or cheap space for impoverished artists? Motors of gentrification or islands made safe from it? Urban place-making or

11 October, 2016
Professor Justin O'Connor (second from right) at the Monash Prato Centre with cultural and creative industries masters program directors from around the world.

Monash brings together cultural and creative industries master’s programs in Prato

Monash Academic, Professor Justin O'Connor, recently returned from Monash's Prato Campus where he led a meeting of cultural and creative industry master's programs from around the world.

10 October, 2016