More and more Australians are listening to podcasts and as the numbers of listeners grow, so do opportunities to work in this exciting and creative medium. The School of Media, Film and Journalism (MFJ) is leading the way in podcasting with its team of researchers and practitioners.

How to podcast

Thinking of making your own podcast? MFJ has online modules and short courses to get you going, and our degree courses also have a variety of units to choose from.  And to make sure your podcast is professional standard, you can hire an audio suite at our Media Lab.

Get podcasting!

Learn the basics of podcasting and create your own podcast with this online production module available to Monash students and staff.

Facilties and advice

Monash School of Media Film and Journalism can help you get your podcast off the ground, find out how, or why not make an enquiry?

Study podcasting in your degree

Choose from a range of audio storytelling and documentary units as part of the School of Media, Film and Journalism's undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Monash Media Lab

You can hire the Monash Media lab audio suites for very competitive rates, less if you're a Monash staff member or a student.

The Peace and Gender Podcast

'Peace and Gender' is a podcast about the people behind the research on gender, peace, and security. The series is a collaboration between the School of Media Film and Journalism and Monash Gender, Peace and Security (GPS).

Podcasting and research

MFJ is at the forefront of developing ways to harness audio storytelling in academic research, and the School's research into the emerging cultural phenomenon of podcasting is contributing to a growing body of scholarly research in the area.

Practice based graduate research: PhD (Journalism)

Interested in studying the relationships between people, podcasting, and the wider media? MFJ offers opportunities to do practice-based graduate research in podcasting as part of our PhD (Journalism).

New ways to achieve research outcomes

Associate Professor Margaret Simons and Heather Jarvis produced two audio documentaries about the children of sex tourists to the Philippines: Fallen Angels and President Duterte's 'war on drugs'.

Other podcast resources