Research & engagement

The School has developed a reputation for research that explores how changes in communication impact on the ways we live, work, interact and connect. The School’s research programs explore the history and meaning of niche and popular media; and how media forms and their distribution are transforming content and uses in constantly changing digital media landscapes.

The School is home to six research programs that examine different media and social settings:

  • Culture, Media, Economy
  • Media, Society and the Politics of Change
  • Screen Cultures
  • Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub
  • Environment and Media
  • Asian Media and Culture

Arts Focus Program


Culture, Media, Economy (CME) is a key research Focus Program that Monash University's Faculty of Arts is investing in. Chosen by research excellence and impact, Focus Programs receive funding for talent enhancement and capacity building.

CME is a response to the current conjuncture in which new financial and business models, technologies, socio-cultural dynamics and geo-political configurations have radically transformed our understandings and practices of culture, media and economy.

For more information, visit the Culture, Media, Economy (CME) project website.

Media, Film and Journalism research programs

Media, Society & the Politics of Change

The cumulative impact of technological change and its impact on traditional business models represents a fundamental structural change in the way in which the information needs of societies are served.

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Screen Cultures


Screen Cultures is a concerted and integrated unit committed to the collaborative study of the history, theory, practice and criticism of digital audio- visual culture.

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Environment & Media

Environmental crisis, largely caused by human activity, has produced the greatest challenge of our time. This challenge transcends disciplinary fields.

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Asian Media & Culture

The Asian Media and Culture research unit investigates transformations in media industries, politics, and practices emerging from the world’s largest and most populous continent.

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Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub


The Hub is a University-wide research grouping across six Faculties and two Institutes. It was first established with membership in MFJ in 2016 and has now grown to bring the research resources of a University to the world of climate communication. In doing so it builds toward media and policy infrastructure that adequately addresses climate change in Australia.

Our mission is to apply research strategies from media studies, journalism studies, social sciences, humanities, political science, and climate science to improve public understanding of climate change. Rigorous research of climate change reporting, public attitudes and the communication practices of climate scientists will identify what is needed to effectively inform all Australians of the dangers of, and solutions to, climate change.

For more information, visit the Research Hub website.