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MMIC researchers launching Oxfam-Monash report

Monash-Oxfam research provides compelling evidence of the social and economic benefits of reuniting refugees with their families

Research conducted under the Monash-Oxfam partnership has found refugees and migrants who reunite with their families are more likely to resettle successfully. The research reveals the devastating effects of separation on individuals, families

Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre 5 September, 2019

MMIC researchers contribute to and shape public debate in Social Sciences Week events

The Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre, in partnership with the Monash School of Social Sciences, is running two exciting events during Social Sciences Week week that showcase the world-leading research happening at the School.

MMIC only 2 September, 2019
VTMH 2019 Forum - Devon Bunce live scribe

The importance of community, sociability and diversity for wellbeing: report from the 2019 VTMH Forum

At the 2019 Victorian Transcultural Mental Health Forum, MMIC Director Rebecca Wickes presented a keynote to mental health practitioners, educators, and leaders, offering insight into how community networks foster social cohesion and support

MMIC only 26 August, 2019

Enhancing community cohesion through the promotion of positive and inclusive responses to fear of crime

Community concerns about crime can have both negative and positive impacts on civic engagement and social cohesion. MMIC Director Rebecca Wickes is featured in a major new international project to create practical tools

MMIC only 5 August, 2019

Multidisciplinary research team to investigate female international students’ experiences of sexual and intimate partner violence

MMIC Deputy Director Helen Forbes-Mewett is taking a lead role in a new multidisciplinary ARC Discovery Project that aims to increase the safety of female international students by exploring their experiences of sexual and intimate partner

MMIC only 23 July, 2019

Can diaspora groups play a role in more effective engagement during peacebuilding, development and humanitarian responses?

A new project by Alan Gamlen at Monash aims to build more effective engagement with developing and conflict-affected countries by strengthening the relationship between diaspora groups and humanitarian & development agencies.

MMIC only 16 July, 2019

Cultivating empathy through conversation: new study tackles Islamophobia by developing and measuring new social interventions

A new study by Monash researchers will develop and measure interventions to reduce negative attitudes towards Muslims in the community.

MMIC only 30 June, 2019

Research by Associate Professor Marie Segrave sheds light on experiences of social inclusion among unlawful migrant workers

Unlawful migrant workers are frequently positioned as either taking Australian jobs or as powerless victims of human trafficking and slavery. Yet despite having no formal rights or protections, evidence shows they are included in society and

MMIC only 24 June, 2019
Monash University Senior Lecturer and MMIC Deputy Director, Helen Forbes-Mewett

Helen Forbes-Mewett sheds light on international student mental health

Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre Deputy Director Helen Forbes-Mewett’s research offers insight into a vital issue that is often overlooked: the mental health of international students in Australia.

MMIC only 18 June, 2019