The rise of a new Cluster within MITN Postgraduate and Early Career Research Network

By the initiative of the Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay) cohort, new research cluster has arisen, named, “Gender, Ethnicity, Identity.”

We believe it will be a valuable addition to the network and we welcome members from the other cohorts to join this cluster.

Areas of interest:

  1. Role of gender and sexual orientation in personality development and mental health
  2. Women writers, queer writers
  3. Writers from ethnic, religious, and linguistic minorities
  4. Borders, statelessness, the refugee
  5. The global, the local, and the ‘glocal’
  6. Processes of ‘othering’
  7. Resistance politics

Major research objectives:

  • To examine the nexus of gender, class, caste, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation in identity formation
  • To map multidirectional flows of power in the construction of hierarchized social relations, and categories of inclusion and exclusion
  • To bring together academic and activist approaches to diffuse questions of identity, community, and agency

Interested in being part of this cluster?

Write to us to express your interest in this cluster at or

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