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The Monash Intercultural Lab (MIL) works to ensure students and staff have the intercultural skills to thrive in globalised workplaces and communities. Monash University is committed to ensuring that intercultural competence is a hallmark of a Monash education.

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New unit announced specialising in understanding and applying intercultural skills

A new second year Arts unit has been announced by the Arts Faculty and the Monash Intercultural Lab, and designed by Monash Students Intercultural Lab Research Team (MSILRT) to prepare students for a successful career in an internationalised workplace.

12 June 2019

Human Geopolitics: States, Emigrants, and the Rise of Diaspora Institutions

Human Geopolitics cover 550x350

Launching his new book, Dr Alan Gamlen (Associate Professor of Human Geography) looks at how migrants interact with their states of origin, explaining how diaspora ministries and offices have spread rapidly alongside efforts to forge a global migration regime, sometimes sparking episodes of 'human geopolitics': strategic competition for populations rather than territories. (Oxford University Press)

5 June 2019


Performer and academic Felix Nobis (Centre for Theatre and Performance) returns to his award winning production of Beowulf.  Based on his own translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem, Nobis tells a story of kings, monsters, heroes and dragons in a version that is both faithful to the original and accessible to the modern ear.

5 April 2019
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