About the Lab

About the Monash Intercultural Lab

The University has committed to ensuring intercultural competence is a hallmark of a Monash education.

The Monash Intercultural Lab (MIL) is responsible for the implementation of the University’s Intercultural Competence (ICC) Strategy. The aim of the ICC Strategy is to ensure that Monash students have the intercultural skills to thrive in globalised workplaces and communities.

The MIL has oversight of a suite of programs for Monash staff and students as well as external organisations. Programs will include:

  • credit-bearing units at the undergraduate and postgraduate level;
  • co-curricular training for students;
  • online toolkits;
  • Continuing Education Excellence Development (CEED) modules; and
  • professional development courses.

MIL will also play a role in developing an evaluation strategy that will enable the University to monitor the impact of interventions on ICC for different cohorts of students, staff and relevant external stakeholders.

The broader research agenda of MIL will support research related to the development of ICC skills, including research into intercultural mediation in translation and interpreting, and the socio-political implications of multilingual communication and intercultural management.

The research agenda will be underpinned by a series of engagement activities that aim to create a strong sense of inclusion and build social cohesion in the communities in which we operate.

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