Resource bank

Our experts have provided a selection of research articles, frameworks and tools to inform understandings of intercultural competency in higher education and beyond.

Multimedia resources

Follow the link to a selection of videos, lectures and podcasts relating to intercultural competence.

Reading Resources

Authored and co-authored e-books in Alexandria repository:

Talks and Podcasts


FreshEd with Will Brehm: 
What are intercultural competencies? (Darla Deardorff)

TED Talk

Derek Sivers, Weird, or just different?

Supplementary resources

Victorian Multicultural Commission Civic Participation Kit - launched by the VMC on 31 May 2018.

Cultural Competence Program (CCP) - resources developed by SBS, MNSW and IES.

Cultural Atlas - an extensive online resource providing detailed and practical information about a range of cultures.

Intercultural competences conceptual and operational framework - by UNESCO