20th and 21st century Romanian Musical Culture


Dr Joel Crotty


Tamara Smolyar
Dr Samuel Dunscombe
Associate Professor Livia Teodorescu-Ciocǎnea

The group’s performance and publication research covers the output of three generations of Romanian composers: those born between the 1890s and WWI; the ‘Between the Wars’ generation; those born in a thirty-year period post-1940. The Romanian composers under review have produced an array of styles that mirrors the compositional approaches from the two centuries: folkloric neo-classicism, post-1950 modernism, various avenues of spectralism and postmodernity.

This research unit has forged a Memorandum of Understanding with the National University of Music, Bucharest and informal relationships with Spiru Haret University (Bucharest) and the Academy of Music ‘Gheorghe Dima’ (Cluj), particularly with colleagues in musicology and composition. This is one of the few research-intensive groups in Romanian music that is situated outside of Romania, and has demonstrated an on-going engagement with audiences outside of the academy through concerts in Australia and Europe.

Current Research Projects

  • Article on Anatol Vieru and his Symphony no 5: Joel Crotty and Livia Teodorescu-Ciocanea for Perspectives of New Music (in progress)
  • Livia Teodorescu-Ciocanea: Aphrodite (Tamara Smolyar) for the Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre in August, 2018
  • Iulia Cibisescu-Duran: The Fires of Prometheus (new solo piano work) (Tamara Smolyar), Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre, June 28, 2018
  • Commercial release of recordings, 1. Livia Teodorescu-Ciocanea; 2. Mihail Andricu (Tamara Smolyar and Joel Crotty)
  • Paper-Performance of Livia Teodorescu-Ciocanea’s piano works, Australasian Piano Conference, 2019 (Tamara Smolyar)
  • TARD Conference, July 2019, Horatiu Radulescu and his notation (Sam Dunscombe, Tamara Smolyar and Joel Crotty)
  • Horatiu Radulescu’s on-line archive to be launched in June (Sam Dunscombe)
  • Horatiu Radulescu: electro-acoustic works concert, Sound Plasma, Berlin, October, 2018 (Sam Dunscombe)
  • Horatiu Radulescu; Sam Dunscombe editor and contributor to edited book
  • Horatiu Radulescu: String Quartet nr 4 (live SQ + 8 pre-recorded SQs) editing, performance and academic outcomes (Sam Dunscombe and Joel Crotty)