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Getting to know... Robbie Fordyce

The School of Media, Film and Journalism welcomes Robbie Fordyce. Here he tells about his first job, his worst job and his current research interests.

6 February, 2019

Getting to know... Remy Shergill

Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub's new project manager Remy Shergill talks about her role coordinating the work of climate scientists, mass media and science communicators; her love of footy and her favourite part of the world.

6 February, 2019

Getting to know... Verity Trott

The School of Media, Film and Journalism welcomes Verity Trott. Here she talks about digital media, the best advice she's ever received and her love of home cooked meals.

5 February, 2019

Studying the MITS readies students for a globally oriented career

“I wasn’t thinking about career prospects, money, corporate ladders, or any of those ‘real-world’ practicalities. All I knew was that I wanted to speak foreign languages.”

That’s Rachel King. She’s

12 December, 2018

Monash Arts presents inaugural Liveable Diversity Summit

Monash Arts was thrilled to last week present the Liveable Diversity Summit in partnership with Settlement Services International alongside The Victorian Government, Australian

19 November, 2018