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Tony Moore portrait 550x350

Moore to deliver key addresses in Cork and London

Monash’s Head of Communications and Media Studies Associate Professor Tony Moore is presenting to audiences at University College London’s Faculty of Laws (UCL Laws) and University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland during April.

24 April, 2019
Tony Moore 550x350

Conviction Politics: a digital history of the convict roots of Australian democracy

Associate Professor Tony Moore will presenting a seminar, Conviction Politics, on April 30 at UCL Laws, University College London. He will examine the digital humanities approaches in the ARC linkage project, 24 April, 2019

Boris Trbic 550x350

Doctoral candidate Boris Trbic co-writes award-winning film

Monash University film doctoral candidate Boris Trbic has co-written an award-winning documentary film, The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater.

23 April, 2019
Edward Wong 550x350

Edward Wong earmarked as the ‘next voice’ after Australian Foreign Affairs win

Monash’s Master of Journalism student Edward Wong shares his views with the School of Media, Film and Journalism about winning the Australian Foreign Affairs’ Next Voices competition.

22 April, 2019
Monash University news

Korean Studies Seminar

Free event, Wednesday 1 May 4pm: Working for Korean Companies, Working with Korea: Tips for Students

16 April, 2019
The Memetics of Cerita Silat

MISS 3: "The Memetics of Cerita Silat"

“The Memetics of Cerita Silat” by  Professor Edward Buckingham

15 April, 2019
Janet Steele

MISS 2: Professor Janet Steele on Journalisms of Islam

Speaking to an audience that fully-packed the venue of our Monash Indonesian Seminar Series on March 14, 2019, Janet Steele addressed the question of what Islamic journalism might mean in Indonesia and Malaysia in the past 20 years.

15 April, 2019
Peter Bateman 550x350

Presenting the student journalist of the year 2018, Peter Bateman

by Manmeet Gulati

Peter Bateman is a double Masters’ graduate in Journalism and International Relations from Monash University. Peter recently trumped a class field of entrants to win the Melbourne Press Club’s 2018 Student

15 April, 2019
Monash University news

Italian Studies Week 2019

Mon 15 April, 12-1pm - Marco Fedi (Ceo of Co.As.IT): “Transcultural politics, citizenship changes and participation: Italy and the EU at a crossroad”.

Tues 16 April, 4-5pm - Marisa

10 April, 2019