PMSI Postgraduate Network Update

PMSI Postgraduate Network Update

The PMSI Focus Program launched a postgraduate network in early 2018 to bring together PhD students interested in migration and social inclusion issues. The network now includes more than 30 PhD candidates from across the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, and the Monash Sustainable Development Institute. Thesis topics include settlement and integration issues for humanitarian and skilled migrants, race and class debates, migration governance and international law, gender, homelessness, labour migration and a range of other issues.

Reflecting the high calibre of emerging migration scholars at Monash, our diverse postgraduates already have an impressive list of scholarly publications. The ‘new publications’ section of the PMSI newsletter and website features some recent postgraduate publications.

By hosting different events and activities, we aim for the network to be a platform for postgrads to exchange knowledge and ideas, research findings and experiences, and support each other in a collaborative environment. We involve senior academics, subject matter experts and practitioners who can help postgraduates develop their research skills and troubleshoot research problems and issues.

Our monthly reading group began in April with a focus on precarity and migration. Participants read two very different articles by Guy Standing (2012) and Ian Campbell and Robin Price (2016), which raised discussions about structure and agency in migration research, the policy proposition of a universal basic income, and the sociology of work.

Building on this conversation, the second reading group in May will examine the topic of neoliberal border governance, examining quantified immigrant selection in Canada and Australia, and transnational border governance regimes.

We also aim to expose postgraduates to interdisciplinary approaches and to expand their knowledge of different migration-related research methods. To that end, we are kicking off a Postgraduate Methods Seminar Series in early June, starting with an introduction to Ethnography from Dr Antje Missbach. The methods seminars will feature experts who can introduce postgraduates to different methodological concepts, drawing on their extensive research experience in the field.

The PMSI Postgraduate Network is a great opportunity to meet PhD students at different stages of their candidature but with similar research interests. If you’d like to join the Network or attend any of our events, please contact John van Kooy (, or visit our website at: