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Monash Arts receives significant New Colombo Plan funding to support renowned study abroad opportunities

Three Monash Arts programs have been recognised with significant New Colombo Plan funding: the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Global Studies signature Global Immersion Guarantee program, the Bachelor of Criminology ‘Crime and Criminal

Faculty 17 October, 2019

Putting the humanities into human centred design

When it came time for social research designer and Raydon Scholar Kate McEntee to choose her PhD panel, she knew that she needed experts from the humanities to help her challenge the meaning of ‘human’ in human centred design. Enter

Faculty 15 October, 2019

Why bioethics matters more than ever

PhD candidate Josh Hatherley and his supervisor Professor Robert Sparrow reveal why the call for bioethics expertise is growing louder.

Faculty 23 September, 2019
Monash University news

Seeds of change: save time and be a fantastic teacher by making just one change

I made a change to my own teaching by introducing a student-led seminar for class participation, and this saved me time and made me a better teacher. Reflecting on my own small step makes me wonder what others are doing and how we can build and

Faculty 13 November, 2013